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GUILD Pool Table (Artics Spas)

GUILD Pool Table (Artics Spas)

Hey guys im looking to buy a 4x8 table and im choosing between an olhausen reno/drake or a guild page, the guild tables are made by artics spas and are solid north American hardwood with a 1 1/4" slate and 100% gum rubber bumpers, the price is 2200 with everything including snooker balls, my other choice is the olhausens, the tables are laminate, which im not to fond of because i want it to last, and also don't come with olhausens accufast cushions so im stuck with the regular cushions and only a 5 year warranty. im looking for a good table thats reliable, i don't know much about tables but i think that the only real difference is the accu-liner in the olhausen that the guild doesn't have, although the guild is solid hard wood and actually looks nice other than the cheap laminate look. does anyone have any experience with GUILD pool tables? i want to know which one will play better and last longest, thanks mike.

GUILD Pool Table (Artics Spas)

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  1. aleromike87guest on 7/7/2015 3:21:53 PM

    I am perfectly happy with my guild tabe. I went with the natural finish, I can't recall which model table I got but am perfectly happy with it. I bought the medium grade felt they offer and have had it 10+ years now and haven't had to replace the felt. The bumpers still have that like brand new bouce. The only minor problem I have had is when they put it toegether, they didn't seal part of the seam right, so there was a divot on the one seam, but they came and fixed that right away. Nice solid table, bolted together, not screwed so many years of use and moving it. I thuroughly enjoy it.

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GUILD Pool Table (Artics Spas)

  • Title: GUILD Pool Table (Artics Spas)
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/23/2007 1:39:58 AM