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Gordon Taylor Pool Table

Gordon Taylor Pool Table

Looking to buy my neighbors pool table,and it has a plaque on it that sais Gordon Taylor Billiards since 1950. now I tried looking this up and nothing comes up,other than a furniture maker that does not ever mention ever making pool tables. and the other thing that comes up is a couple of billiards furniture makers that don't ever mention a joint venture into the table business. they are the Taylor cue wall rack and the Gordon cue rack. this table is 8' and has 1'' 3 piece slate,oak table with brandy finish and has claw feet. anybody that can piece this mystery together for me please fill me in,cause the billiards dealers aound me can't and they all have 25+ years in the business.

Gordon Taylor Pool Table

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Gordon Taylor Pool Table

  • Title: Gordon Taylor Pool Table
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/16/2009 3:25:10 PM