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Good deal or not?

Good deal or not?

I'm considering an Olhausen 8' table ...either the Belmont w/Elmhurst legs or Americana in the Americana Series. Is there a major difference in the Tulipwood Belmont and Maple Americana model that I should be concerned about?

The dealer I have been talking to has the model on sale for approx. $2350 (through the end of December) ...can't remember the exact price. The deal includes an upgradeable starter kit (standard balls, racks, 2 cues, brush). The price also includes full installation and the reputable dealer has been in business for at least 20 years ...to my knowledge. I intend on upgrading to swapping better Aramith balls and going with a Simonis felt instead ($200 upgrade) of the standard felt. He's also said he would do an even swap of the 2 cheap 2-piece 57" cues in the kit for a pair of 52" Trouble Shooter cues. I'll get an extra 5" of wall space with the 52" cues ...a necessary for my 'pool' room (16' 1" X 12' 8") and I liked the way the Trouble Shooter cues felt like a full length cue. The room is also L-shaped so on the one end ...I'll get plenty of cue room width-wise for approx. 2/3 of the table on one side.

I like the Olhausen reputation and the lifetime warranty Accufast cushions. I'll enquire a little more about the Reno model but there is only a $300 or $400 difference in the sale price between the two models at this dealership.

I'll also check out a Connelly dealer for comparison in my area. A friend of mine bought a beautiful Connelly table for $1600, a couple years ago and it was the best table I ever played on! Nice tight pockets and excellent action off the rails. I haven't priced them out yet myself so I don't know how they will compare in price to the Olhausen.

Am I getting a good deal? Should I more seriously consider a Connelly?

Good deal or not?

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  1. photogbillMitch Alsup on 12/10/2010 8:55:13 AM

    I got a Olhausen Reno with some special diamonds in 'full' Cherry 1.5 years ago. Its a fine table. I had Simonis 760 put on it for a $178 upgrade fee, Arimith SuperPro balls, and a single shorty cue (free).

    I would keep all 4 cues that come in the kit (different weights for guests) and add one shorty (or make the dealer throw it in for free).

    As to the legs, get what you like.

    Connelly make fine tables, but so do Brunswick and Diamond. In reality, a good table mechanic can make almost anything with slate bed play very well. But do stick to the American made tables--keep your neighbor off the unemployment line.

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Good deal or not?

  • Title: Good deal or not?
  • Author: (Bill Phillips)
  • Published: 12/10/2010 12:13:51 AM