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Found this table - good deal?

Found this table - good deal?

Hello all - long time lurker, first post...

I found the attached table in my local classifieds - asking price $1,700.

It's a 9-foot table, leather pockets in good condition, no blemishes I can find on the cloth, 1" slate. I ran my hand (and a level) over the surface - I can't find any irregularities. Looked underneath, no problems that would be obvious to a neophyte. Bumpers, however, are completely dead (as, in fairness, the seller was quick to acknowledge). The guy who maintains the tables at my poolhall quoted me $300 - $400 for parts and labor to replace all the bumpers on a 9-footer...

Other than the bumpers, my other concern is that the seller has represented the table as a "40's era Brunswick." However, there is no faceplate on the table to indicate its make or model. Further, and as I tried to capture in the enclosed pictures, there are a series of screws circling the table at about the level below the bumpers (one of which is visible in the first picture as a glowing blue spot). Does this help to ID the table?

I intend to, at a minimum, ask that the seller knock $350 off the sales price for replacement of the bumpers.

Would someone please tell me:

1) What's the pedigree of this table?

2) If it isn't a Brunswick, but the seller is willing to knock off the price of replacing the bumpers, what are your feelings about the table, and if it's worth owning, what's a fair asking price?


Found this table - good deal?

Replies & Comments

  1. DickPprobilliards on 9/29/2010 7:40:10 AM

    IMO way overpriced for such a plain jane unknown table. Keep looking - especially on craigslist. Gold Crowns are pretty abundant on craigslist and considerably less money.

  2. DickPdduffett on 10/8/2010 12:18:35 PM

    check this http://www.brunswickbilliards.com/our_rich_history/antique_tables/gallery_5.html --maybe a Wilmington , Monroe, or, Madison. Depends on leg inlays--can't see in picture too dark. Some people, like me, like these better than the claw foot, angled tub of the new ones. If slate is flat, cushions are new, felt is replaced--should be no difference in play. My experience on replacing old cushions is that sometimes there is rotted wood or no wood left to staple to if the felt has been replaced several times in there and that has to be dealt with. You shouldn't expect to use the old cloth if you are changing cushions--ain't going to work 95% of the time. Besides, it is an ideal time to replace the cloth. Cloth, cushions, featherstrips --low side $200--labor--4 hours up to 12 hours depending on what's underneath.

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Found this table - good deal?

  • Title: Found this table - good deal?
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/17/2010 7:39:31 PM