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ATI Pool Table Reviews

ATI Pool Table Reviews

Has anyone heard of ATI pool tables? If so, are they a good table and where can I get more information?

I can't any information at all.

ATI Pool Table Reviews

Replies & Comments

  1. helloyellowFenwick on 12/26/2009 2:27:11 PM

    Yes but without make model or year it's hard to guess a value. Search again typing, "ati pool tables."

  2. helloyellowhelloyellow on 12/27/2009 5:56:52 PM

    I can't find the model... it is 3 piece slate, 7 foot..... generally are they good tables, what happened to the company and I looked under ati pool tables and nothing..... that was under google.... any websites I can goto to find out more info...


  3. helloyellowFenwick on 12/28/2009 7:22:01 PM

    What I found doing my search was they seemed to be top of the line tables looking on their web page. I don't know where they are made though. It took me a half hour to find their home page. You'll have to do some more digging.

    I can't post a link. It's against site rules. No offense but my job is not appraising tables. Off to play, my day job.

  4. helloyellowguest on 3/6/2010 4:48:59 PM

    I have An ATI pool table Model 418 Serial # 2624 Made in Florida Playing area 7'4"x 3'8" 1" slate. Over 45 years old great shape good table.

  5. helloyellowguest on 1/17/2012 10:16:43 AM

    I have an ATI Pool Table Model 448 serial # 173. Some pieces damaged in recent home incident. Can someone give me a Replacement value for the table?

  6. helloyellowBilliardTech on 1/30/2012 9:05:29 AM

    Decent tables, run of the mill 1960s-70s formica gameroom style. Popular for their time. Parts are hard to come by and resale value is low. After ptp sale, move, repairs, install, parts, cloth, etc; the final price will most likely surpass the price of a new table in its class. As in the " Imperial International Eliminator". But one in good shape with little to no repairs or cloth can be worked on and be in playing shape once done. The problems mostly exist in their age, after 30+ years a price of furniture that takes the abuse of a game such as pool will have its damages and problems. I'll put it this way they are not a table I enjoy working on.

  7. helloyellowguest on 8/17/2013 10:46:23 AM

    I have an 8 foot model - no number found. ATI Industries, Miami Lakes, Florida.

    Converting to a pocket billiards table. I got tired of the laminate.

    It was purchased around 1972 with money earned bicycling newspapers.

  8. helloyellowguest on 10/19/2013 4:07:06 PM

    I ran across an ATI 8' table recently that someone was selling for about 100.00. Does anyone know where the serial # would be?

  9. helloyellowguest on 3/4/2014 5:04:25 PM

    the model and serial can be found on the under side of the table on one end, look carefully, I checked all four views before I found mine.

  10. helloyellowuser1495512365 on 5/23/2017 12:05:17 AM

    I have an ATI pool table that I purchased used in 1997. Model #638 Serial# 412. Although they were originally 1 piece slate tables; this table had been outfitted with 3- 3/4 slate.

    It was excellently assembled (2hrs) and remained as level until today when I had it disassembled to put into storage because I haven't had time to properly put it up for sale.

    All of the pool table sales places now only sell new Brunswicks or Olhausen pool tables.

    I was fortunate to obtain the former owner of NE Billiards to disassemble the unit. He did an excellent job at at great price, He also provided great pointers on storage and pricing.

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ATI Pool Table Reviews

  • Title: ATI Pool Table Reviews
  • Author: (Steven Grelle)
  • Published: 12/25/2009 10:04:15 AM