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AMF Hanover Pool Table Reviews?

AMF Hanover Pool Table Reviews?

Anyone had any experience with an AMF Hanover pool table?

I have one in my sights and it seems like a sturdy pool table.

AMF Hanover Pool Table Reviews?

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  1. JohninTennesseekeep_hope_alive on 1/7/2023 3:10:15 PM

    I know this is an old thread, but this came up in a Google search so I thought it was worth replying to.

    I own this pool table, an 8' AMF Hanover. It was gifted to me but the original owner had the receipt. It was purchased in 2001 for $1200 at a local billiard retailer. I played on it at the original owner's house then he gave it to me when I moved into a space that could accommodate a pool table.

    The good:

    • It has a 3-piece "slate" top that is very smooth. I say "slate" because it's too perfect and seems to be a composite material. It's not MDF or wood.
    • It is sturdy. It has 1-1/8" plywood sheathing for framing which is stout. It also uses that same sheathing for support at each seam and along the runs. It does not flex.
    • The bumpers feel good. They rebound nicely and they behave predictively.

    The mediocre:

    • It has laminated particle board for the side skirts and they are poorly fastened. They flex if you lean against them. Cheesy.
    • The pockets are plastic. The small brad nails have worked loose, resulting in cut hands. I've taped them down with 3M Super 33+.
    • The corners are plastic to accept the laminated particle board side skirts. Looks cheesy.
    • The legs are covered in a laminated particle board material with metal ends. Small screws hold the ends on.

    The bad:

    • The legs lack leveling. You need to make-up leveling of the floor with the slate leveling shims. This is not ideal.

    Overall it is a budget "slate" pool table. It can play well. But it was $1200 new in 2001 so you get what you pay for. They were reviewed as the best budget table for the time.

    It's hard to pin a value on the pool table. It's better than any pool table with an MDF playing surface. And it's better than any pool table with 2x4 framing. As of 2023, in my market, for an 8 foot size, I peg it's used value as $500 - $800, depending on condition.

    But my market has cheaper tables going for $500 used.





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AMF Hanover Pool Table Reviews?

  • Title: AMF Hanover Pool Table Reviews?
  • Author: (John Duke)
  • Published: 12/23/2007 2:23:05 AM