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American West Pool Tables

American West Pool Tables

Has anyone used or owned an American West pool table?

If so, would you recommend an American West billiard table? Any info you can provide on American West pool tables would be appreciated.

American West Pool Tables

Replies & Comments

  1. Glen Woodcockluke on 12/14/2006 9:50:13 AM

    never played one myself, as I don't think they're very popular or widespread. You have probably already seen it, but there is a review that seemed to give a good impression, although it sounds almost too good, as though it was written by the company itself...

    "_American West Billiard Co. - I stumbled across this website about a month ago after being a bit discouraged by prices at my local billiard store (Miami, FL). I really grilled them on their materials and details of the pool tables that they sell and was quite satisfied with their answers. For less than $2000 they were able to sell me an 8 foot, solid oak pool table with 1" slate. They also included premium accessories, delivery and even Installed it at that price. Incredible.

    A week after ordering it, the installer arrived with the pool table and 4 hours later it was all setup and ready for play. The installer said he was impressed with the quality and could not believe the price that I bought it for.

    I highly recommend considering this website and company if you are shopping for a nice furniture-style billiard table. Andrew is especially helpful and professional._"

    I'd guess you are looking at buying one?

  2. Glen WoodcockGlen Woodcock on 12/14/2006 8:06:24 PM

    I have found out these are chinese import tables with chinese slate,anyone have comments on chinese tables

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American West Pool Tables

  • Title: American West Pool Tables
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/14/2006 9:18:43 AM