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American Heritage vs Westwood Billiards

American Heritage vs Westwood Billiards

I am looking locally for a table for our game room. A local dealer has an American Heritage on sale at the moment and I have to make a decision by Monday. Not much time. I also saw a Westwood Billiards table on line that fits the style and color that we wood like to choose. I have not played in years but want to start getting back into the game. This table is for general home use and none of us are professionals by any means but I don't want to spend 3-5 thousand for a table and find out it doesnt play well. Any input on either of these brands other than the one post already up. If someone has any other name brand they believe I should find locally in the 3-5 price range please let me know. Thanks.

American Heritage vs Westwood Billiards

Replies & Comments

  1. kalanitschmedspub on 9/20/2008 2:09:42 PM

    I would advise against the American heritage everytime. I work on Tables for a living and these tables are always having issues. If you have it assempled and never need to move or service it it may be fine but the first time you need to service the table for ANY reason youwill have issues.

    Bad design Over Priced Low end (Even the good looking ones) Poor Craftmanship Horrid to build and service Parts are hard to get Rails are subpar Etc.

    I could tell you horror stories for years. In my opinion, Building and serviceing all lines of tables for over 8 years I can say that American Heritage is a low end overpriced table. Steer Clear.

  2. kalanitPooltable911 on 9/21/2008 8:13:03 PM

    American Heritage is a very sub-par table. Terrible frame design and cushions that turn to rock.

  3. kalanitPooltable911 on 4/9/2010 5:20:04 PM

    Thought this was interesting. http://www.ripoffreport.com/Furniture-Furnishings/John-Mckane/pool-tables-usa-and-american-h-2am36.htm

    to install their pool tables because their tables are crap. Most of them are MDF painted to look like real wood! When I get to a customer's home they think it's real wood. I hate being in that type of situation. Pool tables need to be hardwood. It's the only way to securely attach the slate. These tables definitely look nice from a distance, but they are one of the poorest built import tables I've seen. There are some great imports out there, but American Heritage isn't one of them. They are poorly engineered, the unibody frame is nearly impossible to level, and quality is just not there.

    I am a pool table installer based out of Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.

  4. kalanitquickshot on 4/9/2010 6:39:44 PM

    Thanks for the input. I know someone who is thinking of buying an AH. I will talk to him

  5. kalanitguest on 1/10/2012 1:06:38 AM

    I have to agree with the above statements. As an installer in Colorado, I come across American Heritage tables every so often, and I have never had one go together with no issues. Theses table have terrible rail rubber, so that if you are buying one of these tables used plan on replacing them. Even if the rails are good on the table from an installers standpoint they are an absolute nightmare. Buy a used Olhausen and it will be much better money spent than any of the other new tables are the market.

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American Heritage vs Westwood Billiards

  • Title: American Heritage vs Westwood Billiards
  • Author: (Colleen Argov)
  • Published: 9/13/2008 10:40:09 PM