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Learn to Dominate Anyone at 8 Ball Pool

Learn to Dominate Anyone at 8 Ball Pool

I used to be bad at 8 ball pool. I used to learn the angles from playing yahoo pool games and also watching ESPN pool tournaments, e.g. watching Allison Fisher, The Black Widow, etc.

But then I bought this book and I applied all the techniques and now my game has improved drastically. Check it out, it is awesome!


If anyone wants to dominate 8 ball and kill your opponent, then this is a must have! Lessons on pool playing technique include:

  • How to play better long shots
  • How to aim better
  • How to control cue ball speed
  • How to straighten cue stroke
  • How to become more accurate when playing bank shots
  • How to better understand the use of English
  • How to stop from moving when you're down on your shot
  • How to play better during tournaments
  • How to develop a more fluid stroke
  • How to increase the effect of a draw

Learn to Dominate Anyone at 8 Ball Pool

Replies & Comments

  1. chino3131Mitch Alsup on 6/28/2010 1:42:23 PM

    I cannot remember a single TV episode with Alison or Jennette where 8-ball was played.

    8-ball and 9-ball are so different that the techniques that wins and dominate one are almost useless in the other (except for potting balls and getting position). Safety play is different, leaving balls in front of pockets is different, the kind of position to play for is fundamentally different, breaking clusters is way different (when, where, and how).

  2. chino3131shampa on 7/2/2010 11:05:42 PM

    Becoming a dominating 8-ball player has nothing to do with learning all those low percentage shots. It has to do with a solid foundation of the game; aiming & ball movement, shots, strategy, position, and the little-know subtleties of the game.

    Along with a simple, easy to learn system for bringing it all together.

    And once you combine your "new" foundation with and easy to follow system and a few proven secrets on how to resolve the problems in your game you have now, you will have a recipe for quickly becoming a consistent contender while you master the game of 8-ball and transform yourself into a virtually unbeatable player.

    And as incredible as this all sounds, you'll be amazed at the system's simplicity and all the "I never knew that" information that the system is built around.

  3. chino3131Mitch Alsup on 7/4/2010 7:30:46 AM

    So, if that --removed-- helped you so much, why not post a lesson from it so that we can all become edumacated? rather than applying the hand waving technique of its great why not buy it an become a dominating player like me?

  4. chino3131gibson on 7/6/2010 11:02:20 AM

    If you are "results oriented" just play as much as possible. I remember when I first walked into the local pool hall when I was a teenager. Everyone wanted to play me. After a while, I learned why I was losing and got to the point where I had to ask people to play me. Experience is worth ten times more than any "secret" you read in a book. 8 ball is played with so many different rules. If you pay attention, you can use the local rules to your advantage. There is nothing out there now that is not known all ready.

  5. chino3131sophie hart on 11/25/2010 3:37:20 AM

    Yes, that's absolutely true, sports is all about playing, the more you play the more you learn, irrespective of which sports category it is.

    I used to watch TV and read about rules, tips, and tricks, and I think that still has value, but you cannot master them unless you implement them.

    Billiard is a game of wits, so changing strategy with technique is important, and technique is dependent upon practice. So I completely agree with your statement.

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Learn to Dominate Anyone at 8 Ball Pool

  • Title: Learn to Dominate Anyone at 8 Ball Pool
  • Author: (Raymond Siu)
  • Published: 6/27/2010 11:19:10 AM