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Instructional Billiard Videos with Pool Tips and Drills

Instructional Billiard Videos with Pool Tips and Drills

Here are some videos for both the advanced pool players and those beginners who are only beginning with the adventure of pool billiards.

And because of it, and when I started my adventure with billiards searched many tips, and particularly the movie: instructional (e.g. execute correctly as retrograde rotation and other grounds), types of exercises (those on positioning), exercises to improve the accuracy of shooting and like.

What is true is the billiard technique and theory is written in some detail, and can help others in this forum.

At its channel on Youtube (bujak19) have put just a few short films of PAT-type exercises, as well as imagined by me. There is also run outs (8 ball, 9 ball), and cope in the atypical situation where we are on the last ball and we need a good position for winning balls.

So, What I would like the task was to calculate just put a short instructional videos to the types of exercises (the positioning of the game, mastering white ball speed and control of rotation) and a valid exercise of the basic shots.

I would ask about commenting advanced players as well as assistance in the form upload ideas for new exercises, as well as the voice of the players or beginners generally find it helpful materials.

Places now below some materials that were known about what we speak and how it looks.

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  • PAT 2-5a, Small Area Position Drill


  • PAT 1-5a Small Area Position Drill
  • PAT 1-6a Large Area Position Drill
  • Pool 11 balls position drill exercise
  • Pool shot - Get out from troubles - exercise

Run outs (8 ball)

  • 8 ball run out (2) difficult rack
  • 8 ball run out (1) difficult rack
  • 8 ball run out (3)

I'm happy to help in such a large area in which my knowledge will only allow me to help.

Please rate it, subscribe to, and above all comment on the videos on YouTube and here in the forum. It will indicate to me if it is worth my time to make these and whether anyone needs it or not.

Instructional Billiard Videos with Pool Tips and Drills

Replies & Comments

  1. johnykasperoniMitch Alsup on 1/31/2012 1:46:10 PM

    All sorts of close area drills are vital teaching tools for CB position. Yours is one.

    However, I see you drop your elbow and that your stroke goes from inside to outside as you stroke.

    A good recovery on the 1 ball shot, but you used too much draw on the 5 ball shot, this left you with longer than necessary shots for the rest of the run. If, on the othe rhand, you use a touch of inside english on the 5 ball shot, you could regain the short draw position on the 10-ball, simplifying the run.

  2. johnykasperoniallanpsand on 5/2/2013 11:47:08 AM

    Every player needs to learn to control the CB from the general to the specific.

    Even the straightforward exercise of shooting in a straight-in OB can be made into a progressive exercise.

    Start with one simple exercise: OB on center table spot. CB one D (diamond) away in line to corner pocket.

    To master short distance draw shots - start with a dead stop stun shot. Only when you can do this 4 out of 5 times, move to the next level. Draw CB one ball width. Then 2, 3, etc. up to 2 D's away.

    Repeat for follow control.

    Still not enough progressive development? Try shooting the shot with 1/2 tip out from center for 12:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 . Then the same set with 1 tip out from center.

    For video teaching, select several examples and provide those videos to interested individuals.

    Imagine the complexities of adding in all of the different angled shots.

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Instructional Billiard Videos with Pool Tips and Drills

  • Title: Instructional Billiard Videos with Pool Tips and Drills
  • Author: (Johny Kasperoni)
  • Published: 11/23/2011 2:31:39 PM