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ClockIt Billiards Aiming System

ClockIt Billiards Aiming System

A while back I had reintroduced myself to billiards now that I have the time. It's hard to get out of old habits, and the "youngsters" seem to be taking over the pool tables at the local pool hall.

I bought a few books, DVDs and other training tools that promised to make me play like a professional. I thought I was just too old to comprehend this stuff, as I only realized a very minor improvement in a few select shots.

I finally tried the ClockIt Billiards Aiming System (clockitbilliards.com) and I worked well for me.

I was online and found this aiming system that promised to improve cut shots and was supposed to be easy instructions with simple diagrams, etc. Since it was only $9.95 I thought why not. I've paid more! Lo and behold... it has worked and everyone at the pool hall is wondering what I'm doing differently (and I'm certainly not going to tell them).

While I'm not ready to hit the circuit (just yet), I have been at least placing in the tournaments and am improving each day. None of the other training materials I bought were even close to this simple strategy. This has been the best $9.95 I've spent on any sport I've attempted. It's already catapulted me into the next skill level, and when I approach the table I'm 100% more confident than I was before. Too bad I didn't have it years ago! I've emailed the guy that developed the strategy just to thank him.

ClockIt Billiards Aiming System

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ClockIt Billiards Aiming System

  • Title: ClockIt Billiards Aiming System
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/9/2009 6:33:06 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/9/2009 11:21:50 AM
  • Last Updated By: weebeegone