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3 New Billiards Gods Blog Posts

3 New Billiards Gods Blog Posts

Howdy Pool Shooters,

The newest blog post is a Challenge Shootout:


Click the link for "Instructions for Challenge Shootouts". Use the 3 shot or 5 shot scoring to check your shooting skills.

You can also challenge your friends. Set this up on a table, put up some pocket change and find out who is the better shooter.

There is a new Cool Pool Learning Videos blog post (video by Brandon Gramse) - the 3rd of 3 helpful ways to use English/side spin:


And the latest "Good to Know" Pool Stuff blog "How Can Your Shooting Game Go Wrong (2 of 2)" (there's a link to Part 1 of 2):


3 New Billiards Gods Blog Posts

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3 New Billiards Gods Blog Posts

  • Title: 3 New Billiards Gods Blog Posts
  • Author: (Allan Sand)
  • Published: 1/16/2014 7:33:23 AM