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Unusually colored Carom balls

Unusually colored Carom balls

As a player of 'Carom', 'classical billiards', '3-side' or whatever you may call it, I also collector 'unusual' carom billiard balls. I am searching for balls that have the standard weight as well as the standard size (which is slightly bigger than usual: 61,5mm / 2"7/16), but that are different from the standard white and red carom balls.

Right now I am searching for a green ball. But I would also be interested in transparent, 'gold', 'silver', striped and customizable balls, balls with logos on it, even 'fun' balls: anything as long as it has the right size. Help, anyone? Thanks in advance and greetings from Europe,

Unusually colored Carom balls

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Unusually colored Carom balls

  • Title: Unusually colored Carom balls
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/17/2008 3:48:04 AM