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Billiard Ball Set for Russian Billiards?

Billiard Ball Set for Russian Billiards?

Okay, I normally stick to 8-Ball but I want to branch out and collect pool ball sets for different games like Snooker. One game that I'm really having trouble finding is Russian Billiards or Pyramid. I use a coin-op 8ft table so I want to know what size is best on an 8ft table. Do they make 2 1/4" Russian pool balls? Does anyone know where I can even buy a set of Russian pool balls online that will ship to the USA?

Billiard Ball Set for Russian Billiards?

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  1. blackflagsailorTwinkle on 6/19/2011 11:51:04 PM

    @blackflagsailor you can visit saluc.com/html/billiard/index.php?idlien=16.

    The SALUC produces balls for all kind of games and Pyramide among them. The proper name of Russian billiards is Pyramide instead of Russian Pyramide. This name came in force just few years ago by request of Olympic Committee they say the name of any game cannot contain any references to the nationality of the game as it is supposed that people from other countries will also participate (not only Russians).

    Presently Pyramyde is well known only in post-Soviet Countries, Finland and partly in Israel and Germany (introduced by Russian emigrants).

  2. blackflagsailorguest on 5/30/2012 9:56:46 AM


    You can go to balticbilliards.com and buy anything you want that is related to Russian Billiard (Pyramid) game. I just purchased myself a professional Russian Billiard table, cues, balls... for my house. Good luck.

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Billiard Ball Set for Russian Billiards?

  • Title: Billiard Ball Set for Russian Billiards?
  • Author: (Brent Harrison)
  • Published: 2/12/2011 8:38:12 PM