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Is the Sardo Tight Rack Any Good?

Is the Sardo Tight Rack Any Good?

For anyone with experience with a Sardo Tight Rack, do you like them or not?

The people I play with on regular basis rack horribly and I'm thinking this may help the overall situation.

Is the Sardo Tight Rack Any Good?

Replies & Comments

  1. BishopA-Train on 8/21/2007 5:01:50 PM

    Never used one, but here is a little racking trick that I picked up for 9 ball:

    When you have the rack set in the diamond shape, take the bottom ball and the two balls above it and roll them into each other about 1/2 of a turn.

    In other words, roll the bottom ball up. Roll the one on the right above the bottom ball to the left, and roll the left ball to the right.

    I've noticed that this helps the rack from becoming unsettled on you. I also don't necessarily put the 1 ball on the spot usually. I usually try to put it in the little window under the 1 ball and the balls below it.

    I had a chance to buy a Sardo when my pool hall hosted the APA qualifier and they had a bunch that they were liquidating. I showed up about 20 minutes after they sold the last one. After all, I'm kinda glad that I didn't. I've heard that they are hard on the felt and that over time you can make some pretty serious grooves in the slate with a lot of use.

    Sometimes old tactics are the best tactics. Give me a good old wooden rack and I'll give you something worth breaking. I have lots of practice on the loser's side of the pool table.

  2. BishopBishop on 8/22/2007 10:56:35 AM

    I like a wooden rack and have no issue getting a tight rack together for someone but my opponents can't seem to find any consistency. LOL.

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Is the Sardo Tight Rack Any Good?

  • Title: Is the Sardo Tight Rack Any Good?
  • Author: (Ryan Jones)
  • Published: 8/21/2007 9:39:15 AM