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Billiard Equipment from EBay?

Billiard Equipment from EBay?

Has anyone ever bought any equipment from Ebay sellers? If so, was your experience good?

Billiard Equipment from EBay?

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  1. RossRegis on 11/20/2007 11:45:41 PM

    I see you're in Canada. I bought my cue off eBay from a company in Canada. Search ASKA Cue on ebay. I had a great experience with them. Got the order right and shipped it nice and timely. If I bought a cue often I'd use them every time. I know they also have the Full warranties for viking and McDermott Cues and Viking Cues and all the other major ones. Heres the eBay link.


    They're out of North York, Ontario

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Billiard Equipment from EBay?

  • Title: Billiard Equipment from EBay?
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/26/2007 7:46:31 AM