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UK 8-ball Pool Rules

UK 8-ball Pool Rules

Hi Everyone

I know this is a predominantly US based site but I thought I would introduce you to our set (or I should say sets) of 8-ball rules in the UK.

Our standard table is a 7ft x 4ft that is generally fitted with slow napped cloth and rounded, tight, snooker-table like pockets.

At this time there are three main rule sets played within the UK.

The first one is not recognised by a governing body anymore and is known as Old EPA Rules (English Pool Association), the second has now been adopted by the EPA now and is known as WEPF World Rules. The third that is recognised by the World Pool Association is known as Blackball.

There are differences between all of them, but each year (or so it seems) Blackball and WEPF World Rules actually come closer together in terms of there nuances.

I will post an article in here about the differences another time but just thought I would bring this up as 8-ball in it's various guises is the most widely played Billiard sport in the world.

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

UK 8-ball Pool Rules

Replies & Comments

  1. CueSport_TVjonstewarts on 3/16/2009 11:31:26 PM

    Hi, Thank you for saying us 8 balls rules in uk...Its nice to hear. And if we play in that way also we can win the game. I think in eight ball games and straight pool, 16 balls are used – 15 are colored and one white ball or "cue" ball. Object balls are numbered one through seven and are solid colored. Balls nine through 15 are white and have a colored stripe that matches a corresponding solid ball.

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UK 8-ball Pool Rules

  • Title: UK 8-ball Pool Rules
  • Author: (Peter Williams)
  • Published: 2/6/2009 9:21:17 AM