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Strange combo to sink the eight

Strange combo to sink the eight

I ran across a situation not clarified completely by rules, or at least where I could find. If an opponents ball is setting in front of a pocket when you are shooting the eight ball can you legally call the eight off of the opponents ball making both balls in the pocket (with the opponent's ball falling in first).

I really did try and browsed through eight pages of posts before I wrote this. Thanks for your time and input.

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Strange combo to sink the eight

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  1. worldrevisitedFenwick on 9/23/2009 5:30:31 AM

    In the leagues I play in yes. Same for any of your object balls. Using draw on the cue ball the 8 ball will have follow. Is it league or bar pool?

  2. worldrevisitedworldrevisited on 9/23/2009 8:18:24 AM

    Not a bar, so I'd say more informal league. Yeah, I know that doesn't make sense. It's a active senior adult recreation center. There a four tables and always several guys in there for most of the afternoon. Occasionally, we'll hold a tournament. I'd loose my money if I was ever foolish enough to put some down on a game. (ha) I've looked up several websites and couldn't find a definitive answer except to decide on the rules before league play.

    Just wondering if any has faced this situation and I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

  3. worldrevisitedMitch Alsup on 9/23/2009 10:20:46 AM

    There are several rules involved, herein:

    8-ball is a call game. In league play, if you call the 8-ball in the corner pocket and it goes in that corner pocket, you win.

    There is a stricter set of rules called "No Slop" often used in bars: here, you wuold have to call the 8-ball inthe corner pocket after contact with -ball. You would also have to call any touches on the rails and any double kisses.

    Some bar rules make the rules even stricter and imply that you cannot touch any other ball with the 8-ball. For these situations, you make their ball on one turn and leave the 8-ball sitting in the pocket (if you can) for your next turn, or move the 8-ball towards safety if your opponent has a run-out chance. You do not loose by making their ball.

  4. worldrevisitedquickshot on 9/23/2009 4:04:47 PM

    So the obvious is apparent. It is your table and location. Get togehter with the rest of the crew and lay down a set of house rules that you all agree with. Regular leagues have nothing to do with it. They are in a world of their own anyway.

    PS: Just be sure you explain your rules to any guest that may play.

  5. worldrevisitedgibson on 9/27/2009 11:27:21 AM

    You might even call this a carom shot since it is going in after contact with an object ball. I can see no violation of any rule, even no-slop, if you call the contacts and path of the ball correctly and you get no objection from your opponent. Some players consider any deliberate contact of an opponent's object ball "dirty pool", so I would check with the opponent, before shooting. This could be an important requirement especially if you are playing in an unfamiliar surrounding against a stranger for money, which is a dangerous enough scenario even without the shot. But BCA rules require dropping the ball in the called pocket, and as long as you contact the black with the cueball first, any combination or carom is allowed.

  6. worldrevisitedFenwick on 9/27/2009 2:04:58 PM


    I play a gentleman who I thing is of your generation and perhaps mine. He's old school when it comes to pool. No safeties, just go for the shot is one example. I play his way when we play together.

    quickshot had the IMO only smart solution. I would print out the rules in big bold letters and post them on the wall in plain sight.

    Bold like this.

    House Rules

    I like your handel by the way.

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Strange combo to sink the eight

  • Title: Strange combo to sink the eight
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  • Published: 9/22/2009 2:09:19 PM