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Rules question

Rules question

It's a four-man league. Each man shoots for himself and his own score.

Dave shoots failing to realize it was Ken's turn. Dave pots 8 and misses. Ken gets up and says, "Dave, you went before me." "You're supposed to go after me."

How is that handled and - where in the rule books does that issue get defined?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Rules question

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  1. ZekeZeke on 4/19/2013 7:50:21 PM

    Please don't tell me this never happened to any of you? If it is beyond "the rules," how did you resolve it?

    We thought ALL the balls made by a player who is out of turn, must be spotted; minus one point (straight pool) and BIH (kitchen only) for the next shooter. The question also becomes; what if the player following the out of order player begins a turn?

    I looked pretty well and found no reference to an out of turn foul.

  2. ZekeZeke on 4/20/2013 7:49:56 AM

    A Google search revealed the following rules and comments:

    The following actions are fouls at pool when included in the specific rules of the game being played. If several fouls occur on one shot, only the most serious one is enforced. If a foul is not called before the next shot begins, the foul is assumed not to have happened.

    6.13 Playing out of Turn

    It is a standard foul to unintentionally play out of turn. Normally, the balls will be played from the position left by the mistaken play. If a player intentionally plays out of turn, it should be treated like 6.16 Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

    7.14 PLAYING OUT OF TURN: Playing out of turn is a foul and play passes to the opponent. The cue ball is in hand, and the incoming player may place it anywhere on the playing surface.

    A. Serious Fouls are to be called by the referee as soon as they occur and the fouled player is in control, until all balls from that shot come to rest. The referee will replace the balls as near as possible to the positions they were in before the Serious ... to do so does not exist has played out of turn. For example, a player who plays a shot immediately after playing a foul or immediately after the referee has called a foul on that player, has played out of turn.

    B. Exception: - a shot played out of turn accidentally, that disrupts the balls to such an extent that the Referee deems it impossible to replace them, the referee will give the opponent the choice of either playing the balls from where they lie or replaying the frame. If the frame is replayed the same player is to break again.

    The following are fouls for which the penalty is loss of turn and no count is scored if a valid count would otherwise have been made: Playing out of turn.

    As is the case with almost all rules, many variables are at play - because so many organizations claim jurisdiction.

    In this instance, I will make our second "house rule" (the first being waiver of the three foul rule penalty) but would like to hear your input first.

    Your comments please...

    BTW, I see this is in the 8-ball rules category. Sorry about that. Our league is a straight pool one, not 8-ball.

    Mea culpa

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Rules question

  • Title: Rules question
  • Author: (Ken Secor)
  • Published: 4/16/2013 7:02:56 PM