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Rule 4.15 "Combination Shots" Need Expert Help

Rule 4.15 "Combination Shots" Need Expert Help

In a local tournament under World standardized rules, the organizer called a shot legal, that I am sure was a foul as I read and understand 4.15. He allowed a combination shot where the player had one of his balls left and it was parked behind the 8 ball and the cue ball. He allowed the player to hit the 8 ball first in a combo into his 1 remaining object ball.

I read the rule to say that was illegal and the player would have had to make some sort of bank shot to try to hit his remaining object ball without touching the 8 ball first.

It seems clear from my reading that the only combination shot with the 8 ball hit first would be if you had sunk all your object balls and were shooting the 8 ball. Then you could (must) hit it first, but then the 8 ball could play off an opponent ball if necessary. The organizer added his interpretation of 4.15 with this "It is NOT a foul to use the 8 ball as the first ball in a combination shot if the player has only one object ball left on the table. See Rule 4.15" Isn't that a TOTALLY wrong interpretation of that combination rule?

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