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Playing 'down the table'

Playing 'down the table'

I was playing and beat my mate at pool the other day, but he went into a real huff because I potted the black up the table after respotting the white after his foul. He said afterwords that I had to play the white down the table in order to hit the black via the bottom cushion. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone know if this is a proper rule or where it comes from as every set of rules I look at say that after a foul you can play in any direction.

Please settle this arguement once and for all.

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Playing 'down the table'

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  1. boytanoJustanotherevolutionary on 3/2/2009 2:33:34 PM

    I think he was referring you should have been playing from behind the headstring. Which in some cases is correct. Depends on the rules you play by. You should always pick a set of rules to play by before beginning the game. Also if he shot at the "black" as you put it and fouled by scratching, then he had already lost the game, and I think that is universal. You can go to poolplayers.com and find the official rules of the APA, or bca-pool.com if you wish to play by the BCA rules.

  2. boytanoFenwick on 3/2/2009 5:46:17 PM

    As said you need to establish the rules before the game begins. Are you playing house rules or _ rules? Was his foul a scratch? Were you playing ball in hand? I'll answer your question with a question. Lets say you still had a ball in your group near the side pocket. Your friend fouls. Would you have to place the cue ball in the kitchen behind the hear string? If the answer is yes your friend was right. If you were playing ball in hand you were right. Under other house rules if both of your object balls are in the kitchen the closest to the head spot gets spotted on the foot spot.

    At the top of the page just under the green banner is the word rules written in blue.

    Get back to us and tell us how you resolved this issue.

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Playing 'down the table'

  • Title: Playing 'down the table'
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  • Published: 3/2/2009 2:17:14 PM