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Legal shot?

Legal shot?

Saw an interesting little shot tonight I had never seen before (APA league) nothing was called or even noticed I think. Some guy had a shot on the 8ball, but no pocket for it. He hit the 8 clean, the 8 went into a solid and stopped, the cb hit another solid and stopped, neither the cb or 8 hit a rail, but one of the solids did. Is that a legal shot? I'm sure I could just look it up, but hey, seemed like a fun question to pose, so there it is. Thanks everyone.

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Legal shot?

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  1. JustanotherevolutionaryMitch Alsup on 6/1/2009 11:07:37 AM

    Yes, that shot was not a table scratch.

    The rule is that after the CB make contact with a legal OB that at least one ball hit a rail (or one ball goes down in a pocket.)

  2. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 6/1/2009 6:35:34 PM

    Yeah I figured it was, just something I never saw before or noticed or even considered. Thanks Mitch.

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Legal shot?