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legal 8ball question?

legal 8ball question?

Was playing brother in law in 8 ball..ok..im stripes..he solids..i was hitting my strip into corner poacket..his was almost in the way my hit his & mine still went in..his did not..he calls foul & says I should lose a turn..ball stays in..I go on hitting..he basically calls me a cheat..says he doesnt play that way..I think my ball would have went in whether it hit his or not..I was not aimin at his to bank mine in or anything..didnt think this was a big deal..also..is it a neccesary thing to have to call combo if you do hit one ball on purpose to make another one go in.

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legal 8ball question?

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  1. nationalFenwick on 9/12/2011 11:15:53 AM

    Ask your brother to produce a rule book! Better still get your own and ask him to show you the rule.

    Then tell him what year it is, not 1950, and he's a NIT!

  2. nationalnational on 9/12/2011 4:09:48 PM

    I didnt see anything pertaining to what I had the problem with him from any rules Ive seen on internet unless the rule book has my specific problem in it....What was different in 1950 ? what is a NIT?..just curious..haha

  3. nationalFenwick on 9/13/2011 4:44:51 AM

    The 50 is just a reference point. The main thing is the difference between bar pool and Bar Table Leagues.

    Leagues have rules, bar pool is when 2 or more drunks bang balls making up rules as you go along. They do that mainly because they can't string more then 3 balls. Your brother is a banger thus the nit reference.

    Get a copy of the WPA rule book. The WPA is the international governing body of pocket-billiard sports.

    Back to your question. You called the ball and pocket. You made the ball in that pocket. End of story.

    Look up nit and you well find a picture of your brother!

  4. nationalMitch Alsup on 9/13/2011 11:33:28 AM

    Your brother is refering to a subset of rules known as "No Slop". In No Slop rules you have to call all the little nuances of the shot, such as whether your ball will graze his ball on the way past.

    Tournemants have no such rules. Under tornement rules, if you use a legal stroke, hit a legal ball first, and the called ball goes in the called pocket, its good. This takes all the speculation as to whether a graze happened or not out of the question. Called ball went in called pocket--inning continues.

    Since you had not chosen either set of rules, it should be considered that the tournement rules are in play.

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legal 8ball question?

  • Title: legal 8ball question?
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/12/2011 10:42:30 AM