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Is It A Foul To Pot Opponent's Ball

Is It A Foul To Pot Opponent's Ball

I have potted all balls in my set, and I only have the black ball left on the table. On my next shot, I make contact with the black ball, but I sink my opponent's ball. Is it a foul?

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Is It A Foul To Pot Opponent's Ball

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  1. rohan4697Zeke on 9/18/2015 7:31:40 PM


  2. rohan4697Phuket_Roger on 11/8/2015 11:08:23 AM

    I have an additional question on this subject: All my balls were pocketed so I was on the black (8 ball) and my opponent's last ball was in the jaws of a pocket.

    I hit the black with the cue ball, the black knocked my opponent's ball into the pocket and then followed it in.

    I claimed that I'd won since there is no foul in pocketing an opponents ball.

    Was I right?

  3. rohan4697speedbump on 11/9/2015 6:28:35 AM

    First you have to realize that different places have different rules. In my opinion, if you called the shot that way, you win. But in shooting the eight ball, if you make contact with their ball first, it is a foul. You would lose your shot, but wouldn't lose as long as the eight ball is still on the table after the shot.

  4. rohan4697Zeke on 11/10/2015 2:51:00 PM

    You were right. As long as you make the shot called - and in the pocket designated, and don't scratch - the shot counts as a win.

    The rules state "incidental balls potted while executing an otherwise legal shot - are without consequence."

  5. rohan4697Phuket_Roger on 12/16/2015 2:29:30 AM

    Thanks Zeke, that's how I see it too.

  6. rohan4697guest on 1/4/2016 9:55:49 AM

    You used the term "pot" to describe making a shot, so am I safe to assume you mean UK rules? Either Blackball or World Rules? Because if that is the case, then yes it is a foul to pocket an opponent's ball.

    But if you are talking about US 8-ball rules as played by BCA, BCAPL, WPA, APA or VNEA rules, then no it is not a foul to "pot" or pocket an opponent's ball (assuming you complete the three parts of a legal shot 1. clean contact between cue tip and cue ball, 2. first contact between cue ball and a legal object ball, 3. after contact between cue ball and legal object ball at least one ball on the table contacts a rail or falls into a pocket).

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Is It A Foul To Pot Opponent's Ball

  • Title: Is It A Foul To Pot Opponent's Ball
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  • Published: 9/18/2015 2:25:37 PM