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Ball in front of pocket

Ball in front of pocket

An object ball is sitting on the edge of a pocket. At some point it falls in, is ball re-spotted or is there a time limit for ball to stay down.

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Ball in front of pocket

Replies & Comments

  1. JDNowakquickshot on 12/13/2009 2:21:48 PM

    If the ball falls in within 5 seconds it is considered a good ball. if it falls in after the time allotted the ball is replaced on the edge from where it fell, but not so close to the edge that it will fall in again

  2. JDNowakMitch Alsup on 12/15/2009 12:19:20 PM

    Except on pay machines where everything down stays down. The 5 second rule still applies and the inning passes to the opponent.

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Ball in front of pocket

  • Title: Ball in front of pocket
  • Author: (Jerry Nowak)
  • Published: 12/13/2009 1:59:27 PM