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8 Ball changed and I didn't

8 Ball changed and I didn't

I went to a party at a friend's house and he has a nine foot Brunswick. Nice table. Anyway my wife and I played couples against her cousin and a guy that we didn't know. So, we were playing and he sucks. He scratched on almost every other shot and he was going off about nine ball being inferior to eight ball because eight ball had no slop shots. Anyway, they are playing scratches as cue ball in hand behind the line, which is the way I played way back when. It gets down to my wife and I on the eight ball with me shooting next after the guy and the eight ball is below the head string and he of course scratches. I normally play straight pool and not eight ball so I spot the 8 ball since that is the rule in straight pool (closest object ball to the string gets spotted if all object balls are below the string. We are in a suburb playing and the guy says "You better not come in the city and play that way". Like I was cheating or something. It was kind of embarassing in front of my wife and all, so we just quit playing. Now, I hear that a lot of players are using full table ball in hand which really solves the problem. When I learned to play eight ball as a kid the only rule was that you called the eight ball and if you scratched on it you lost. As long as you hit one of your balls first and one of them went in, you kept shooting until you missed. I think the rules of this game changed so that these coin-op games could last longer. One more reason to hate eight. Also to the point of eight ball being superior, because of slop shots. Good players don't slop balls in either game. I think if he was talking about class D or beginners he may have a point, but I never see slop balls in matches. My son plays at the local bar, so I told him that if the previoius winner calls rules, to make sure if he plays no-slop to play no-scratch as well. I don't think it is fair if a player gains a strategic advantage by intentionally fouling like that or am I all wet on this one?

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8 Ball changed and I didn't

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  1. gibsonFenwick on 9/9/2009 7:33:44 AM

    I don't think you're all wet but the rules have changed a lot. Her cousin however is not the type of person I would prefer to play. He may be a nice person but he's badly misinformed plus he quite frankly sucks at pool and manners from what you said IMHO.

    He embarrassed you in front of your wife and was playing by bar rules from the 60's. Make them up as you go.

    "You better not come in the city and play that way".

    You could have said, "Don't go to a real pool hall without your ATM card."

    Welcome to the forum.

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8 Ball changed and I didn't

  • Title: 8 Ball changed and I didn't
  • Author: (Mike Newberry, Sr.)
  • Published: 9/8/2009 11:09:31 PM