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8 Ball Call on Open Table

8 Ball Call on Open Table

Just wondering the rule on this.

The table was open and I called and attempted to cut a ball (#3) into the centre pocket. I missed it completely. The cue ball however bounced off the rail and potted the #1 ball in top right corner.

As I did not call this, so I am assuming that my innings is over. Is this so? If my innings is over, is the table still open?

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8 Ball Call on Open Table

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  1. bunza52guest on 6/3/2014 8:53:18 AM

    I'm assuming you are playing by house rules so I can't give you a definite answer, but I can tell you what would happen according to many nationally recognized league rulesets.

    Under BCA, WPA, BCAPL, UPA, NAPA, VNEA and ACS, your turn would be over and your opponent would come to the table with an open table, meaning he can hit anything on the table first except the 8-ball, to pocket any ball into a called pocket (VNEA is a small exception, they allow you to hit the 8-ball first on an open table).

    In APA or TAP it would still be your turn and you would be the solids because those leagues do not require called shots, so slop counts.

    And in most bar rules I've played (again I can't be certain because there are a million different sets of bar rules) missing your called shot and pocketing another ball would give the table to your opponent with the table open.

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8 Ball Call on Open Table

  • Title: 8 Ball Call on Open Table
  • Author: (Andrew Bunney)
  • Published: 5/21/2014 1:40:57 PM