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How To Play Straight Rail Pool

How To Play Straight Rail Pool


I am a Vietnamese immigrant living in America. When I used to lived in Vietnam, me and my friend would play straight rail pool everyday. It is a very popular hobby for teenagers. I would like to provide you more info on the game.

First of all, the rules are surprisingly more simple than American style billiards yet more difficult to master. Despite what many people think, cheat shots are very hard to set up and once set up, a player with 6 years experience such as myself can only score a maximum of 20 points before it moves out of place.

Beginners usually start by learning how to score using rail. The next step which usually takes a year to get good at is the curve ball. Then the person moves on to a draw shot, which they will rarely use. Drawshots look the most fancy out of all the moves and takes considerable time to master. A newbie will usually position the ball too low, too high, hit the ball too hard or too soft.

Rail shot are used the most by professional but spin curve and draw are used by people who want to show off. Most of the time, the chance of hitting with those moves are slim.

The next step is learning how to score and position your shot for the next turn. This is very hard to do and is something I have limited success at. Only by learning this, will you be able to break the 10 points per turn barrier.

I really wish I can show you guys with an illustration. It is a truly wonderful game. I enjoy it much more than American style billiards because it is much harder. The moves are also a lot more "fancy".

Drawshots will mesmerize every beginner. If you have any questions about straight rail billiards, please don''t hesitate to email me.

PS: When I first played 9 ball on an American table, I learn that those same moves will not work because the cue stick and cue ball are too light. I try doing drawshots but American ball will jump off the table.

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How To Play Straight Rail Pool

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How To Play Straight Rail Pool

  • Title: How To Play Straight Rail Pool
  • Author: (Trung Lee)
  • Published: 2/23/2007 9:27:55 PM