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14.1 Continuous Foul penalty

14.1 Continuous Foul penalty

I'm a newbie and the 14.1 continuous rules surrounding fouls, specifically successive foul penalties. The requirement for "clearing a foul" appears to me to be too difficult, and the penalty very harsh, if you don't pocket a ball (even on a legal shot) It seems that calling a safety is the only other way out of the situation. Do you guys all play this way?

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14.1 Continuous Foul penalty

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  1. tektipsjana on 7/14/2006 2:03:46 PM

    Failure to pocket a ball is not considered a foul so long as no other foul has been committed such as "wiffing," and nothing goes in or touches a rail etc.

  2. tektipsRoss on 7/14/2006 2:06:51 PM

    I think tektips is correct to think that this 14.1 Continuous Foul penalty is too harsh. Doesn't it say after you foul on the first shot you are penalized a point. If you fail to sink a ball or do not call a safety on your second shot, then you are "on two fouls" and penalized another point? Next, if you don't pocket a ball or don't call a safety on the third shot, you are assessed a 16 point penalty? It seems you get penalized and it is counted as a foul even if the 2nd and 3rd shots are legal (i.e. cue ball or object ball touches cushion).

  3. tektipsjana on 7/14/2006 2:12:27 PM

    You only need to make a legal shot to clear your fouls, not sink anything or call safe. I personally don't find that too harsh, it is just the nature of straight pool.

    If my opponent is at one foul and there is a good stack without any dead balls, I'll purposely take a foul and force the cue ball softly into a spot where they have no shot whatsoever and a return safety will be hard to make.

    Hope this helps

  4. tektipsRoss on 5/22/2007 11:31:15 PM

    Yeah, I get what you are saying. Probably once I get better, I won't think it to be too harsh. Thanks for the input.

  5. tektipsFenwick on 12/17/2007 9:24:12 AM

    "Doesn't it say after you foul on "the first shot you are penalized a point". I may be wrong again but failing to make a correct or proper safe on the break, 2 balls to the rail plus the Cue ball is a single foul but you lose 2 points. Your opponent then has the choice of taking the table or having you break again.Or is it 2 points and 2 fouls? Now you have me wondering and I guess I have to do another search. Or were you talking about perhaps your first shot say during other racks several innings into the game? I know many years ago I took a 15 ball penalty and lost the game. I thought it harsh at the time because I lost but looking back it was my own undoing. Side bar; there are variations with rules even shooting Straight pool as I'm finding out.

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14.1 Continuous Foul penalty

  • Title: 14.1 Continuous Foul penalty
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/14/2006 1:55:04 PM