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Four-Handed Snooker Rules

Four-handed snooker is a variation of traditional snooker. To play four-handed snooker, use standard snooker rules along with the following four-handed snooker rules below.

  1. In a four-handed game each side shall open alternate frames and the order of play shall be determined at the start of each frame and, when so determined, must be maintained throughout that frame.
  2. Players may change the order of play at the start of each new frame.
  3. If a foul is committed and a request to play again is made, the player who committed the foul plays the next stroke and the order of play is unchanged. If the foul was called for playing out of turn, the offender's partner will lose a turn, whether or not the offender is asked to play again.
  4. When a frame ends in a tie Section 3 Rule 4 applies. If a re-spotted Black is necessary the pair who play the first stroke have the choice of which player will make that stroke. The order of play must then continue as in the frame.
  5. Partners may confer during a frame but not whilst one is the striker and has approached the table until the break has ended with a non-scoring stroke or foul.

Four-Handed Snooker Rules

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Four-Handed Snooker Rules History

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How to Play Four-Handed Snooker

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  • Title: Four-Handed Snooker Rules
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  • Published: 2/12/2008 9:28:00 PM

Four-Handed Snooker Rules

The Four-Handed Snooker Rules article belongs to the Snooker Rules category. Snooker is a type of cue sport game that is played on a snooker table.

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