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Bebot Bautista "Tailed Judy" Ebony Ivory Custom Cue

Bebot Bautista "Tailed Judy" Ebony Ivory Custom Cue

Here are pictures of The Tailed Judy, a very beautiful ivory and ebony pool cue made by my good friend, Bebot Bautista, one of the best custom cuemakers in the Philippines. It was custom made cue for a repeat customer - a very satisfied customer! The pictures fail to capture the true beauty of this masterpiece. Yeah, there's some fuzziness in the photographs. Still, the images give us a very good idea on how good Mr. Bebot Bautista really is. And HE IS THAT GOOD!

How much for this Bebot Bautista masterpiece? Sorry, friends. It isn't for sale. The Tailed Judy pool cue was custom made for a repeat customer - a very satisfied customer!

Mr. Bebot Bautista's Tailed Judy custom pool cue boasts of 80 pure ivory pieces that combine into one very unique design mimicking the Tailed Judy, a striking butterfly that belongs to the Punches and Judies family. The pure ivories match very well the jet-black color of the ebony butt - perfect! And oh! The butt cap is pure ivory too!

The Tailed Judy features forty (40) ivory windows that make up the pool cue's eternity rings. Believe you me, I had a hard time counting the number of ivories on this beautiful masterpiece! The count doesn't even include the pure ivory butt cap and ferrule!

Ain't that cool! A total of eight (8) abalone diamonds separates the pure ivory butterflies from one another! The color of the abalone used compliments well the ivory and ebony of this very beautiful pool cue from Bebot Bautista.

Yes, that's real leather! The alligator pattern just feels so good in one's hands! It looks stunningly good with the ebony-ivory materials used in this great looking pool cue! Coolness!

Here are additional pictures on the Tailed Judy's ebony forearm, which is dotted by pure ivories and abalone. Enjoy!

The points on the custom cue further highlights the beauty of this awesome masterpiece from my good friend, Bebot Bautista. The shaft is made from Triple A Canadian maple and integrates a pure ivory ferrule to boot!

All the white that you see here and in the rest of the pics are pure ivory. Do notice the titanium pin surrounded by pure ivory! And oh! The butt and shaft connect via a metal-to-wood finish for one incredible and very playable custom pool cue!

Bebot Bautista "Tailed Judy" Ebony Ivory Custom Cue

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Bebot Bautista "Tailed Judy" Ebony Ivory Custom Cue

  • Title: Bebot Bautista "Tailed Judy" Ebony Ivory Custom Cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/29/2007 3:19:04 AM