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2009 Senior Games in Zeeland, Netherlands

2009 Senior Games in Zeeland, Netherlands

The Senior Games is an open European sporting event for individuals over 50 years of age.

Billiard is one of the main sports in the Senior Games 2009 program, and the billiard tournament information can be found below.

  • Date: Monday 7th September, 2009 until Saturday 12th September, 2009
  • Playing time: 9.00 am till 8.00 pm
  • Match time: 2 houres (including transformation), at most 22 matches a day
  • Tournament: Group system of four players to determent the last 16 players, from then knock-out system
  • The organization has the right to change the program at all time.
  • Venue: Domburg, Leisure center De Parel
  • info@seniorgames2009.com

Participation: Registration is open to members of a National or International Federation: CEB, UMB for women and men.

Tournament: Libre, small and large corner. Desired average: >7.00

Head class - 7 till 11.99 - Small corner 180 Extra class - 12 till 19.99 - Small corner 250 Passage class - 20 till 34.99 - Large corner 300 Top class and higher - 35 > - Large corner 350

Participant contribution: Registration Senior Games 2009 - € 50, Addition billiards - € 45

The Senior Games Billiards Championship 2009 shall be played in accordance with the European rules of Carom Billiards.

The organization of the 2009 Senior Games invites you to register before August the 1st 2009, at seniorgames2009.com for this unique sport event. On this website you will find all necessary information concerning the Senior Games 2009 and the billiards competition.

2009 Senior Games in Zeeland, Netherlands uses billiard rules similar to:

2009 Senior Games in Zeeland, Netherlands

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2009 Senior Games in Zeeland, Netherlands

  • Title: 2009 Senior Games in Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Author: (Biniam Sieum)
  • Published: 6/24/2009 5:53:04 AM