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Slate vs Artificial slate when jumping

Slate vs Artificial slate when jumping

Hello everyone. I have a question about my Clifton table. I know its cheap and has a ton of limitations but its what I have currently. I took 10 yrs off of shooting pool but got back into it last year. Having a blast and learning a ton but one thing eludes me (Jumping). This Clifton has an artificial slate and I was wondering if its possible to even jump on it. When I began my "comeback" I noticed I was breaking with an elevated cue. Didn't seem to have any problems with that until I went into a bar with real slate. Then, I couldn't keep the cue ball on the table. This is when I began to wonder if the artificial was giving or absorbing. I really need to work on my jump game and getting another table just isn't going to happen this winter. Any insight? I'd appreciate ANY input. Thanks.

Slate vs Artificial slate when jumping

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  1. metguyZeke on 10/26/2014 8:41:38 AM

    A certain percentage of the energy induced when jumping a ball is a function of the cloth directly between the hard surface (slate or synthetic) - and the ball.

    I suspect the cloth between the ball and cloth is as - if not more - a factor than the base upon which the cloth is stretched?

    Then too, the amount of "spin" (and therefore the resulting "jumping action") induced - is directly related to the friction between the cue tip and ball - AND - the ball's reaction to the friction of the cloth it lies on.

    I think ;)

  2. metguymetguy on 10/26/2014 11:15:04 AM

    Well, that certainly makes a lot of sense. I have noticed my draw shots are weaker on my table (compared to the bar tables). Never gave the cloth much thought for being a jumping factor.

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Slate vs Artificial slate when jumping

  • Title: Slate vs Artificial slate when jumping
  • Author: (Jeff Hewitt)
  • Published: 10/26/2014 3:25:25 AM