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Just bought Valley coin-op, need help!

Just bought Valley coin-op, need help!

My husband and I just bought an old Valley coin-op table. It needs cleaning, probably new felt, and a lot of things we don't know about yet :-), but the most important thing so far is how do we get the balls out of the table?

He has figured out how to get it to work without coins, but says there is something wrong with the actuator. Do any of you experienced repair guys out there have any advice that I can pass on to my hubbie? Any suggestions about how to proceed with getting this table into shape would be much appreciated! Thanks for your replies!

Just bought Valley coin-op, need help!

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  1. JBCorrSlickWilly on 10/21/2008 10:12:31 AM

    if your going to put on new felt, just wait till the slate is off for a good look at the ball return's guts. i am in the process of re-routing an old coin op table's ball return system to a more conventional and less complex version. mabye your husband could do the same once he gets a good look at whats down there.

    good luck =)


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Just bought Valley coin-op, need help!

  • Title: Just bought Valley coin-op, need help!
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/13/2008 6:32:35 PM