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1967 Brunswick Pedestal Table in Canada

1967 Brunswick Pedestal Table in Canada

You have such an amazing forum! I'm posting to ask if anyone might have some information about my pool table. I know nothing about pool or tables, so if I use incorrect terms, it's solely a reflection of my ignorance and not meant to be disrespectful.

She's a 4' X 8' cherry table with a one-piece laminate-type slate stamped with "Patented 1967", "Brunswick Corp." and "Made in Canada". The pedestal sides are labeled "Classic by Brunswick". The bumpers are part of table and I think the pockets are plastic. It has original cues, short cue, chalk board, score board, cherry shims, Boston and Snooker balls, rack, rake and Billiards book "Know the Game" "Billiards and Snooker" 5th Edition 1968. Everything matches but the wooden rack won't stay together and I don't want to use the wrong glue.

The fine folks at Brunswick told me that "some portions of the records covering our manufacturing history (1845 to current day) have been lost due to fire and flood damage throughout the years."  They were able to tell me that the "Classic" model was for the years 1981-1982 and they seem to refer to either four- or six-legged tables.  I've never seen another table like this, with the pedestal design and cherry sculpting but I'm hoping you have.  Strangely enough, Brunswick told me that they didn't produce a 4' x 8' pedestal table in the late 1960s.

I don't have any indoor space and I don't want to see it destroyed, so I have to sell it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

1967 Brunswick Pedestal Table in Canada

Replies & Comments

  1. banned1Mitch Alsup on 10/22/2009 6:51:02 PM

    A thought: Just because something was patented in 1967 does not mean it was manufactured in 1967.

  2. banned1guest on 12/17/2009 12:21:17 PM


    I have the same table. Much to my surprise it is not a pool table but a snooker table. What i assumed was slate is actually Slatetron. Which was used before they went to a cheaper man made material for non slate tables. This is not a slate table. The color of slate is much darker according to the gentleman who installed my new felt on my table yesterday. I was told that the rounded pockets are standard on snooker tables and that pool tables have a more angled pocket.

    To double check if it is slate you could pull a side rail off. If the table has a thin sheet on the top spaced by wood (spray painted or painted silver) and then another thin sheet on the bottom it is not a one piece slate. Although it plays and feels like slate.

    He told me i couldn't get more than a couple hundred for it even with the new felt that cost close to $400 to install.

    He also told me that in his 35 years of installing felt and being in the business that he has never seen a table like this. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays.


  3. banned1altmed on 5/26/2011 4:54:23 PM

    Hi, I have the same table/ package, it was left by the previous owner when I purchased my house last summer. Its in excellent condition and I have decided to sell it.

    Have you any more news on this table ?

    Rob, Stoney Creek altmed@hotmail.com

  4. banned1banned1 on 5/26/2011 5:23:06 PM

    Thank you so much for the responses. I'm sorry to provide such a delayed response. I'd really like to donate this table to a social service organization or church in the area and wondered about value for donation receipt purposes. I've been seriously ill for almost four years now and rarely get out of bed, so I haven't had an opportunity to play at all. Sadly, playing pool has always been one of my greatest pleasures and an instant stress reliever. Everything has been sitting outside on my back deck, all wrapped up since 2008. It still looks great and remains straight and true. I'm really surprised that this is a snooker table but that would certainly explain the lack of any significant Brunswick records. I'm glad all the accessories are still with it. It is also surprising to me that there is so little value in a pedestal table. I think the design and choices of material are gorgeous. Hope the new felt is working out for you, Erik. Good luck with the sale of your table, Rob! All the best to you and yours; take care of yourselves and each other,

    Sam in Canada

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1967 Brunswick Pedestal Table in Canada

  • Title: 1967 Brunswick Pedestal Table in Canada
  • Author: (Sam Alexander)
  • Published: 10/22/2009 6:37:40 PM