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Looking for a Bar Billiards Table in USA

Looking for a Bar Billiards Table in USA

I am in the United States and I am looking to buy a bar billiards table. Does anyone know where I can buy a bar billiards table in the USA?

Looking for a Bar Billiards Table in USA

Replies & Comments

  1. Graham Littlehalesjrodxp on 5/7/2017 9:01:47 PM

    I have one for sale. Coin operated bar billiard table.


  2. Graham Littlehalesuser1494297744 on 5/8/2017 10:42:08 PM

    Where is the bar billiards table located? What is your asking price?

  3. Graham Littlehalesjrodxp on 5/9/2017 6:36:48 AM

    Table is in Connecticut. I'm looking to get $800

  4. Graham Littlehalesuser1495238719 on 5/19/2017 8:05:20 PM

    If the table is still for sale please let me know.

  5. Graham Littlehalesoiiiii on 6/5/2017 6:47:51 PM

    Yes I know the tops on backwards! located in Florida.

    If interested, you can reply here, or you can call or send a text to (386) 214-7498. Ask for Jonathan.





  6. Graham Littlehalesuser1497031995 on 6/9/2017 2:13:20 PM

    I am interested in it and am in Florida as well.

    I called and left a message for you. Call me back when you can.

    Thanks, Jim

  7. Graham Littlehalesuser1501378092 on 7/29/2017 10:49:16 PM

    I am selling my bar billiards table in Milwaukee. Visit the posting if interested.

  8. Graham LittlehalesGJP on 8/15/2017 11:17:59 PM

    Hi jrodxp, if your table is still available I'd be interested. Please let me know. Thanks!

  9. Graham Littlehalesuser1509022913 on 10/26/2017 9:01:54 AM

    Are any of these bar billiard tables still available?

  10. Graham Littlehalesuser1511201227 on 11/20/2017 1:07:10 PM

    I'm in Florida and looking for a Bar Billiards Table? any suggestions

  11. Graham Littlehalesuser1511969337 on 11/29/2017 10:28:38 AM

    Are any of these tables still for sale? I'm in CT too.

    (203) 609 3369

  12. Graham Littlehalesuser1512340892 on 12/3/2017 5:41:32 PM

    I am looking for a bar billiard table in the US any one have one for sale? I am In California but I can consider any table in the US.

  13. Graham Littlehalesuser1513888229 on 12/21/2017 3:30:31 PM

    I am looking for a bar billiard table in upstate NY

  14. Graham Littlehalesbilliardsforum on 12/30/2017 1:06:22 PM

    I had no idea there was such demand for Bar Billiards tables stateside.

    Are you guys having any luck finding these?

  15. Graham Littlehalesuser1495238719 on 12/30/2017 1:26:21 PM

    I picked mine up from the gentleman in Connecticut.

    If you find one grab it, as they no longer make them. They only recondition them in England, and at a 1000 pounds on the cheap plus like a 1000 to ship because of the slate makes it a little out of the price range for most.

    What makes the Bar Billiards tables so unique is that everything is played from one side so for a bar or man cave makes this a great piece because you can push it into a corner.

    Take a look if interested:


  16. Graham LittlehalesSuper7 on 1/13/2018 3:57:06 PM

    I have a bar billiards table for sale in South Carolina.

    Visit the post for photos.

  17. Graham LittlehalesHawk007eye2 on 1/24/2018 11:54:28 AM

    Hello: I am interested in you Bar Billiards table. How much money? I will come to get it.

    David Mair
    (407) 256-0171

  18. Graham Littlehalesuser1518396729 on 2/11/2018 7:52:10 PM

    I have a 19th century Brevete S.G.D.G bar billiards table in Kansas City Missouri for sale. Visit the post for more photos and details about the table.



  19. Graham LittlehalesRDthrelk123 on 2/21/2018 10:16:17 PM

    We are contemplating selling ours, did you find one yet?


  20. Graham LittlehalesGraham Littlehales on 2/22/2018 8:07:40 AM

    I have not found one yet.

    The trouble with these things is getting them from A to B. Shipping is so expensive that even if you find one for a reasonable price, the shipping often makes it tough to do the deal.

    So, what table do you have, how much would you want for it, and where are you located?

  21. Graham Littlehalesuser1521068141 on 3/14/2018 6:55:42 PM

    I'm also looking for a Bar Billiards table. I am located in Northern California, but happy to ship it from pretty much anywhere, subject to cost.

  22. Graham Littlehalesuser1527003282 on 5/22/2018 11:34:44 AM

    I am also looking for a bar billiards table. I live in Utah, and my number is 801-900-7026. I am willing to ship it to me. Call and ask for Steve.

  23. Graham LittlehalesRDthrelk123 on 5/22/2018 2:35:11 PM

    Okay let me ask my husband. We just put the billiard table in our garage a week ago and its covered!

    Do you mind if I text instead of going through this forum? My cell is 951-970-4057

  24. Graham LittlehalesRDthrelk123 on 8/9/2018 9:15:48 AM

    We have a billiards table for sale (bar billiards) in Murrieta, CA. It comes with everything, including the overhead lighting, and we're asking $1350.

    Update: 2018-08-17:

    Out bar billiards table is still for sale. We're in Murrieta, CA.

    Email me at zoomdeb123@gmail.com for price, more photos, and information.


  25. Graham Littlehalesuser1512340892 on 8/18/2018 4:50:10 PM

    @RDthrelk123 - I am interested in your bar billiards table.

    I am in Corona, CA and would like to come see it if you still have it. You can call me at 951-295-4416 and we'll make arrangements.

  26. Graham LittlehalesInga Kulberg Tesler on 8/22/2018 5:11:06 PM

    If the bar billiards table in Murietta is still available, I am looking to get one as soon as possible. I am open to buying a Bar Billiards table from anywhere in the US. Let me know what is still available.

    Thank you,

  27. Graham Littlehalesuser1536621732 on 9/10/2018 4:22:13 PM

    Anyone still have one available?

  28. Graham Littlehalesuser1512340892 on 9/10/2018 5:40:33 PM

    The bar billiard table in Marietta, GA has been sold.

  29. Graham Littlehalesuser1542495779 on 11/17/2018 3:02:59 PM

    I'm in Philadelphia, PA.

    Are there any bar billiards tables still available there (or even better, in the North East)?

  30. Graham Littlehalesuser1544030505 on 12/5/2018 9:21:45 AM

    I have a Bar Billiards table in the Dallas area. It has been in my family for over 40 years, but probably time to part with it. It could use some touchups, but it is in playing condition with a working timing mechanism.

  31. Graham Littlehalesuser1542495779 on 12/5/2018 9:38:27 AM

    That's fantastic to hear! Can you send over some pictures of the table and the price you have in mind?

    You can reach me at rbdtmp@gmail.com


  32. Graham Littlehalesraptor820 on 12/10/2018 10:43:09 AM

    Does anyone know of a bar billiards table for sale in FL? I'm located in Florida and looking for something local.

  33. Graham Littlehalesuser1547354543 on 1/12/2019 8:42:24 PM

    In Michigan looking for a bar billiards table - anyone selling?

  34. Graham Littlehalesuser1513888229 on 1/13/2019 7:26:59 AM

    We are looking for a bar billiard table anywhere in the US.

  35. Graham Littlehalesuser1521068141 on 1/13/2019 10:10:23 AM

    We have a bar billiard table in Northern California.

    We're leaving town for 2 weeks, but if you don’t find anyone selling one before then, feel free to contact me again.

  36. Graham Littlehalesuser1550805619 on 2/21/2019 7:20:20 PM

    I am looking for a bar billiard table anywhere in the US. I live in Ohio but I am ready to ship it accross the US.

  37. Graham Littlehalesuser1553032005 on 3/19/2019 2:46:45 PM

    I have a bar billiards table in excellent condition located near San Francisco, California.

    It was sourced from Sotheby's in London and was once owned by the actor, Sir David Niven. The Sotheby's catalogue and provenance come with the table. It has two sets of balls and pylons and three antique cues. I have not opened it up to see if the timer mechanism still works, as I never used that feature.

    I actually am totally unsure of how much to ask for it. I have asked for feedback from a UK company that sells these worldwide, and will hear back in the next few days.


    If you've been looking at these for a while I guess you have an idea what you're willing to pay. I'd be open to an honest/fair offer, and we can go from there.

    Here is a presentation card from the Sotheby's auction I purchased it from:


  38. Graham Littlehalesuser1547354543 on 3/19/2019 2:52:12 PM

    Interesting - any pictures?

  39. Graham LittlehalesGraham Littlehales on 3/19/2019 4:17:33 PM

    Would need to know what you are asking.

    The problem with these things is getting them from point A to point B at anything like a reasonable cost.

    It would be impossible for me to make you any sort of realistic offer without knowing if the table is in perfect condition, great condition, etc. Will the felt need replacing soon? Do the bumpers work at they should? Does the return mechanism and the timing mechanism work properly?

    Even then, it might cost me as much to get it shipped from you to me as it would to buy it from you!

    I wish it were more simple. I am English and used to play in the pubs. My American wife really likes the game too and we always find places to play when we visit. Hey ho.

  40. Graham Littlehalesuser1513888229 on 3/19/2019 5:21:37 PM

    I am interested.

    Can you provide any more info about the condition of this table? What about price?

  41. Graham Littlehalesuser1553032005 on 3/21/2019 12:45:11 PM

    I’ll take some photos and send them.

    I can say it is definitely an antique, but the varnish is in excellent condition. The baize has an aged fade/patina to it, but is in very good condition and will be playable for many, many years. Actually I prefer the well played look if it. The leather surface at the cuing end is in very good condition also. The bumpers are also very good. Nothing that needs replacing. It had a new set and old set of balls. The same for the pylons... two sets.

    Baize brush is included, as well as 3 cues which are well used and probably need new tips.

  42. Graham Littlehalesuser1513888229 on 3/21/2019 12:48:27 PM

    Thanks. Look forward to the pics. Felt in good condition? Did you get a sense of price from the UK folks? Very interested. Thanks. John

  43. Graham Littlehalesuser1554860166 on 4/16/2019 2:38:36 PM

    I'm looking to buy a bar billiards table.

    Iam located in Denver Colorado.



  44. Graham Littlehalesuser1556836327 on 5/2/2019 3:32:08 PM

    Add me to the list of those seeking a Bar Billiards table in the U.S. I’m located in NJ, willing to consider shipping, or within a day or two drive to pick up.

    @user1553032005 Is your table still available? If so, please email me



  45. Graham Littlehalesraptor820 on 6/8/2019 7:23:26 PM

    I'm still looking to buy a bar billiards table.

    I live in South Florida but will pay shipping from anywhere in the USA.

  46. Graham Littlehalesuser1565819264 on 8/14/2019 2:47:45 PM

    I have a bar billiard table set for sale in Texas.

  47. Graham LittlehalesGraham Littlehales on 8/14/2019 2:50:05 PM

    Any chance of some pictures please?

    • What make is your table and how old?
    • What are you asking for it?

    You can get me at:


  48. Graham Littlehalesuser1513888229 on 8/15/2019 6:29:56 AM

    @user1565819264 - Please upload some info and pics about your table.

  49. Graham Littlehalesuser1565819264 on 8/15/2019 6:36:06 AM

    Sorry my bar billiards table has already been sold.

  50. Graham Littlehalesuser1572718405 on 11/2/2019 11:13:29 AM

    We are looking for a bar billiards table. We live in GA.

    Does anyone currently have one available for sale? If so, can you upload a few photos of it and specify the price you are asking?

  51. Graham Littlehalesuser1518396729 on 11/3/2019 5:48:39 AM

    I have a bar billiard table for sale in Kansas City, MO.

    My phone number is (913) 378-3344

    Included is a link to my eBay listing and two photos, I am willing to sell for less than the eBay price.


    I also posted it in the "for sale" section on this site:

    Bar Billiard Table for Sale in Kansas City US



  52. Graham Littlehalesuser1573178945 on 11/7/2019 6:09:06 PM

    I have a bar billiards table for sale in Elkins Park, PA.

    If interested, email me at:


  53. Graham Littlehalesuser1576443710 on 12/15/2019 1:01:51 PM

    I am looking for a bar billiards table. I am located in Virginia state.

  54. Graham Littlehalesuser1577311502 on 12/25/2019 2:05:04 PM

    I am looking for a bar billiards table also. I'm in the northeast, so if I can find one in that area it would be great, but I'm willing to ship it from further if necessary.

    My e mail is:


  55. Graham Littlehalesuser1513888229 on 12/25/2019 2:47:58 PM

    Ditto. I am still looking for a bar billiards table anywhere in the lower 48 states.

    Email me at:


  56. Graham Littlehalesuser1587250503 on 4/18/2020 3:55:03 PM

    I'm from central Florida, and looking for a bar billiards table in decent condition.

    I am willing to travel to get it, but prefer it if I can find one in the lower East coast if possible!

  57. Graham Littlehalesuser1589492860 on 5/14/2020 2:47:41 PM

    I’m looking for a Bar Billiards table in the Northeast. If anybody is selling one, you can contact me (Neil) at (860) 751-9036.

  58. Graham Littlehalesuser1600444242 on 9/18/2020 8:50:43 AM

    I don't know if this is even doable, but if anyone has a bar billiards table they are looking to sell, I would be interested in buying.

  59. Graham Littlehalesuser1605489568 on 11/15/2020 5:19:29 PM

    I am also looking for a bar billiards table. I'm in New England, but can arrange pickup from anywhere in the US.

  60. Graham Littlehalesbilliardsforum on 11/20/2020 4:04:00 AM

    FYI - Someone in Ohio just posted one in our "pool tables for sale" section:

    *1950's Sam Atlas Bar Billiards Table for Sale in Ohio

  61. Graham Littlehalesuser1606943259 on 12/2/2020 1:07:40 PM

    I have a Sams-Atlas bar billiard table for sale in Maryland. The timer works.

    Please contact me at:


  62. Graham Littlehalesuser1611715286 on 1/26/2021 6:41:27 PM

    I am looking to purchase a bar billiards table as well.

    I am located in North Carolina, but can travel to pick up or arrange to have it picked up.

    Does anyone still have one available?

  63. Graham Littlehalesuser1553032005 on 2/9/2021 1:56:29 PM

    I'm selling this bar billiards table (which I mentioned above in March 2019). It is located in Marin County, near San Francisco.

    It was made by Sam Brothers in the UK. It is in a 9 out of 10 condition.

    It was formerly owned by the actor, Sir David Niven (the first James Bond), at his Swiss ski lodge. It was purchased from his estate at Sothebys in 2002. The presentation card from the auction is in my earlier post above.

    Generally in great shape. I have not used or tested the bar mechanism. It comes with three vintage cues, two sets of balls (one fairly new), a baize brush, and a bunch of new chalk.

    Like all of these tables, it's heavy, so shipping will be the buyers responsibility.

    Reasonable offers please.



  64. Graham Littlehalesbilliardsforum on 2/9/2021 4:11:48 PM

    That's a beauty.

    Please post an asking price so as to not waste anyone's time.

  65. Graham Littlehalesuser1542495779 on 2/10/2021 7:53:42 AM

    Here's the same table on ebay. Looks like $2000 starting bid, $3000 buy it now.

    Bar Billiards Table, Previously Owned by Renowned 1960's English Actor

    • Buy it Now: US $3,000
    • Starting Bid: US $2,000
    • Seller: larkspur888
    • Location: Larkspur, CA

    Source: ebay.com/itm/284179001460

  66. Graham Littlehalesuser1616385856 on 3/21/2021 9:04:17 PM

    Are any of these Bar Billiards tables still available?

  67. Graham Littlehalesuser1624071474 on 6/18/2021 7:57:54 PM

    If anyone is still interested, I have a bar billiards table in Alabama that I am willing to sell. I got it in the Netherlands and I no longer have a game room.

  68. Graham Littlehalesuser1635357381 on 10/27/2021 10:56:22 AM

    I'm not sure if the people here are still looking, but I have a Jelks bar billiards table from the 1920s-1930s for sale. The Jelks was considered one of the most desirable tables of excellent quality. The bar billiards table has a working coin system for florins (2 shilling pieces) but can be put on free play if desired.

    I had the table renovated and reconditioned by Hubble and Freeman of Maidstone in Kent, then had it imported to the USA. They are one of the foremost billiard table renovators in the UK.

    The bar billiards table is located in Northern California, and is in excellent condition.

    I am interested in offers of $2000 and above. You couldn't import one of this quality for this price. Believe me.

    I can post a few photos if people are interested.

  69. Graham Littlehalesuser1626120710 on 11/12/2021 10:38:42 AM

    @user1635357381, and anyone else selling a bar billiard table;

    I'm definitely interested in buying your bar billiards table.

    Could you send me some pictures and a price please? Including shipping if possible (I'm still interested if shipping not included).

    I'm an English guy living in Dublin, Texas.



  70. Graham Littlehalesuser1624071474 on 11/12/2021 11:10:08 AM

    My bar billiards table has sold.

    Thanks all.

  71. Graham Littlehalesskippy76 on 12/26/2021 5:42:43 PM

    I am interested in a UK bar billiards table as well, if someone is looking sell.

  72. Graham Littlehalesuser1626120710 on 12/27/2021 2:55:00 PM

    I was also looking for a bar billiard table and spent maybe a year trying to get one at a fair price.

    I bought one from a guy in New York for $400, and it cost me another $800 to have shipped to Texas. It needs new cushions and cloth but I’m in the process of getting someone to do this for me. This will cost me around an additional $700. It’s certainly playable as-is, and the timer works perfectly.

    Keep hanging in there as the right one will turn up!!

    Good Luck,

  73. Graham Littlehalesskippy76 on 12/28/2021 3:57:14 AM

    @user1626120710 - Thanks Robert,

    Do you have any tips on how to find bar billiards table in the US?

  74. Graham Littlehalesuser1626120710 on 12/28/2021 11:58:26 AM

    Just keep an eye on certain sites:

    • billiard forums,
    • eBay,
    • 1st Dibs etc.

    Don’t be put off by shipping costs. I was quoted $2200 by one company, then I found Shiply. I was very flexible on my delivery times. Finally got delivery costs for $800.

    I've also ordered the replacement parts from a company in the U.K. called Masters Traditional Games. I found a local-ish guy to come to my house to recover it for me. Most pool table guys will take on the recovering job on a bar billiards table.

    Hope this helps.

  75. Graham Littlehalesuser1641228999 on 1/3/2022 8:56:40 AM

    I have a Q-ball brand bar billiard table for sale from the 1950s, located in Central Florida.

    From the research i have found company was out of New York and is a copy of English-style UK bar billiard table designs.

  76. Graham Littlehalesmichigankid on 1/4/2022 1:44:22 AM

    I has recently acquired an antique bar billiards table which I am picking up tomorrow.

    I'm not sure of the brand.

    I am open to reviewing any fair offers. I do not need to sell the pool table, so be fair.

    (989) 252-9277






  77. Graham Littlehalesuser1587250503 on 1/4/2022 9:42:15 AM

    @michigankid - What state are you from, and do you have an asking price?

  78. Graham Littlehalesmichigankid on 1/6/2022 11:38:35 PM

    I am located in Bay City, Michigan.

    I'm looking for offers, I don't have an asking price.

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Looking for a Bar Billiards Table in USA

  • Title: Looking for a Bar Billiards Table in USA
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  • Published: 3/4/2017 9:25:33 PM