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simonis 860 hr

simonis 860 hr

I recently purchased some Simonis 860 hr. I have the regular 860 and it has the iwan simonis logo along the seam. My new simonis 860 hr does not. Does this mean its not real or does the 860 hr not have the logo along the seam? Or do I need a black light to verify the authenticity of it because from what the simonis website says, there is a stamp every linear yard that can be only seen using a black light?

simonis 860 hr

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  1. uron2probilliards on 11/4/2010 6:34:28 AM

    Simonis 860HR is marked along a selvedge edge every 24" similar to other Simonis cloth styles. The rail pieces come off the side of the cloth so that would be the first place to check. There are several reasons why you may have cloth with no marking but the fastest way to check is with a black light as you noted. http://www.iwansimonis.com/?page=marking&language=en

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simonis 860 hr

  • Title: simonis 860 hr
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  • Published: 5/6/2009 7:17:54 PM