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Looking for the least expensive worsted cloth

Looking for the least expensive worsted cloth

Been scouring the Internet for several hours over the past couple days and unable to find answers to these questions. Anyone?

  1. Mali makes a worsted cloth called Vestra or 866, weight 22 oz. Strangely, none of the online stores carry it - the only seller I've found has been on eBay. Why is it so ignored, is it really bad or just so cheap that having it for sale would hurt sales of higher priced higher-margin brands? I have seen that all colors of Vestra include teflon except for tournament green.

  2. Another eBay seller doesn't identify the brand name of their worsted cloth in their listing, but when asked said "Imperial" and that was it. When looking for Imperial cloth from anywhere else, can't find it except with logos. Anyone know anything about Imperial cloth, or guess at why only this one eBay seller has it?

Finally if you know of any worsted cloth in the $100 range for an 8' table that you really like, what would that be and where did you get that price. I realize it's not a great stretch to $140-150 for Proform but I've already spent too much on this table and am trying to avoid busting the budget any worse than already. I want to put new cloth on this table one time and never have to think about it again, so if I can get worsted cloth at a non-worsted price, then that's what I (or anyone) should certainly do.

Looking for the least expensive worsted cloth

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Looking for the least expensive worsted cloth

  • Title: Looking for the least expensive worsted cloth
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/29/2011 5:30:43 PM