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Issues With Pool Table Cloth Shadowing

Issues With Pool Table Cloth Shadowing

I'm a new guy that had an 8' Olhausen table years ago and sold it. Well, I finally purchased another and had it installed last week. It is a custom built 9' Olhausen table covered in the Simonis 860 felt in olive color.

I noticed discoloration/shadowing in the felt where it gets stapled to the table and also at the center pockets. The installers have installed tables at tournaments and do all the professional installs for the only Olhausen dealer in my area. They have been doing table installs for over 11 years, so I don't believe it to be inexperience. I also noticed similar looks on the rails. The table is smooth and these flaws appear to be related to staple location. Is this typical for Simonis as I've never seen it on typical felt tables? What do you guys recommend I do?

Issues With Pool Table Cloth Shadowing

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  1. scotts87irocFenwick on 3/6/2012 10:26:31 AM

    It's hard to tell from the photos. If it's really a change in color, again I cant tell from the photos, have it redone. Could be a bad dye lot. I'm leaning towards a poor install job?

    I've seen the same look on a snooker table but it is the lighting that makes it look wavy.

    I like the tan color. Used to play at a place called the Golden Cue that has the colored same cloth. Makes the table look rich! NICE!

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Issues With Pool Table Cloth Shadowing

  • Title: Issues With Pool Table Cloth Shadowing
  • Author: (Scott Moyer)
  • Published: 3/5/2012 7:50:08 PM