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760 Simonis Gold Cloth Discoloration on Seams

760 Simonis Gold Cloth Discoloration on Seams

Before the cloth was installed, the installer of this new cloth used Bondo instead of wax on the slate seams. When the job was finished the whole cloth looked fine. But after a few weeks, the discoloration appeared all at once.

From my photos you can see the 2 seams have this. This is really bothering me as all I notice when playing is this discoloration. I am not certain, but believe a chemical reaction happened from the Bondo to the cloth. I see no way this cloth could be fixed and would need to be replaced.

What should I do?

  • Do I live with it or spend another $360 for cloth and $400 to an installer?
  • Has anyone reading this had this happen?

The last photo is my 1980 Golden West 9' pool table, Union League model.




760 Simonis Gold Cloth Discoloration on Seams

Replies & Comments

  1. WhiteyObilliardsforum on 10/15/2020 4:35:03 PM

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. This would be completely unacceptable to me also. It would drive me crazy.

    Bondo is a bad idea for this task for other reasons also. From another post where the person used Bondo to seal the seams in the slate:

    I hope you never EVER have to take that pool table apart. Wax is the filler to use for the seams between the slate sections. [With Bondo,] those sections are going to come apart with jagged edges that will need to be sanded down to even make it possible to assemble the pool table again. The slate should be bolted and shimmed such that a dripping of wax in the seam, scraped off the top, is sufficient to yield a dead flat surface for the cloth to be laid upon. No offense intended, but if your table required a "fair amount of Bondo", you did it wrong. :(

    And from another pool table mechanic:

    [...] the problem with Bondo is that it can crack the slate when you try to disassemble the pool table the next time. I think bondo is a mistake to use. I've seen pool tables where people, in an effort to clean off bondo, sand the slate leaving waves in it. That makes for some interesting rolls. Not to mention beeswax is neater, faster and easier to apply and has all the give qualities you need.

    I've also seen this type of thing (cloth discoloration) happen on pool tables where beeswax was used. In these cases, it was too much wax, and the pool table was in too much direct sunlight. It also discolored the cloth above it.

    I do know that lots of folks and pool table mechanics DO use Bondo on slate seams and to repair chips in slate, and I've never come across any complaints that it caused discoloration in the cloth.

    I wonder if your pool table installer used another chemical (perhaps to remove excess Bondo), and some residue remained on the seams and surrounding slate? Some parts of the discolored areas seem to be quite wide (e.g. is discolored on the exact seam, but in some parts, the discoloration appears to extend an inch or more to either side of the seam).

    I'd absolutely call your installer to come back out and, at minimum, assess the situation, and at best, resolve this for you.

  2. WhiteyOWhiteyO on 10/16/2020 8:29:14 AM

    First I'd like to thank you for commenting on my question.

    You are correct about the extent of Bondo used past the seams. Over 2" in places. Your comment on the use of a cleaning chemical seems to make sense.

    The other two person's comments on the use of Bondo and taking the slates apart is a bit scary to me! I can picture jagged edges being a bitch to smooth evenly!

    The installer told me that he uses Bondo for it's strength, because he has seen bees waxed seams shift do to temperature and humidity changes, causing the wood frame to expand and contract. He said this, before I told him I had a wood stove in my pool room. My basement is cold and dry in winter and hot and humid in the summer. Massachusetts weather. The wood stove will heat my whole house. 3 stories. It gets bone dry and very warm in the pool room, but only used on the real cold days. For the warm months I run my dehumidifier.

    So, with all these temperature changes going on, maybe the installer did the right thing?

  3. WhiteyOHarrie Back on 12/30/2020 10:54:28 AM

    Are you sure it was bondo?

    Some pool table installer use Durhams Water Putty, which is what it looks like to me.

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760 Simonis Gold Cloth Discoloration on Seams

  • Title: 760 Simonis Gold Cloth Discoloration on Seams
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  • Published: 7/18/2020 10:51:05 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/15/2020 4:35:47 PM
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