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Poker Pool Game of "Rummy"

Billiard game rules for how to play the "Rummy" pool game from the Crown Games, Inc. poker pool ball set players guide rule book.

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NOTE: These rules are for playing pocket billiards with a specific set of poker pool balls by Crown Games, Inc.

How to Play "Rummy" Pool with Poker Pool Balls

In the billiard game of Rummy, the object is to be the first player to go out of the game by pocketing two groups of balls, then scoring points from each ball remaining in the opponent’s hand.

It is played as follows:

  • Players can lag or toss a coin to determine their positions in the rotation.
  • A player indicates (calls) the object ball and pocket before shooting.
  • Players continue shooting in rotation, taking turns after missing a shot.
  • One group of two and of three can be melded by using balls of the same value or sequences of the same suit.
  • The ball highest in value on the table can be used as a tie breaker. Spades are the dominant suit.
  • Scratched marked balls are spotted at the foot of the table. The Cue Ball is placed on or behind the head string. Any ball below the head string can be pocketed.
  • Players place their pocketed balls in the Score Case on the shelf that matches their position in the rotation, immediately after completing a turn.
  • A player taking the last turn of the game shoots until pocketing the winning hand, or misses two shots.
Winning the Game

When the winning hand is pocketed and points totaled, the game is over. Players pocketing the winning hand on the first shot (Rummy) receive double points.

Games can be played to 150 points - 300 points.

Ball Values:

The image showing the ball-values has gone missing. If anyone knows the details or has the rule book and can take a photo, please comment below.

Poker Pool Game of "Rummy"

If you have any questions about Poker Pool Game of "Rummy", please post them in the pool rules forum.

...or view existing Poker Pool Game of "Rummy" questions in the forum.

Poker Pool Game of "Rummy" History

Somewhere between 2003-2004, Crown Games, Inc. of California began marketing the game of poker pool and were engaged in selling a set of poker-pool billiard balls. This set of balls came with a "Players Guide" book of 10 poker pool games you could play with them.

These poker pool rules for "Rummy" were included in that "Players Guide" rule book, and were also, at one time, published to pokerpool.net, which is no longer online.

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The official Poker Pool Game of "Rummy" are predominently observed in North America.

How to Play Poker Pool Game of "Rummy"

  • Title: Poker Pool Game of "Rummy"
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 3/15/2018 12:44:05 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/15/2018 12:55:57 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum
  • Source: Crown Games, Inc., Laguna Niguel, CA

Poker Pool Game of "Rummy"

The Poker Pool Game of "Rummy" article belongs to the Game Rules for "Poker Pool" Ball Set by Crown Games category.

Crown Games, Inc. sold a set of poker-pool billiard balls which came with a "Players Guide" book of 10 poker pool games you could play with them.

Poker Pool Game of "Rummy" Comments

  1. Vikesh NairVikesh Nair from Rajasthan, India on 5/14/2020 5:29:58 AM

    Rummy is one of the most entertaining poker pool games you can play on a pool table. Ever.

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