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Old English Bagatelle Rules

Old English bagatelle was very popular in Victorian times in the home and the full size version of the game has been played upon slate-bed tables for centuries in British pubs in certain parts of England. Like a Billiards Table, there are a variety of games that can be played upon a Bagatelle table and like Bar Billiards, Bagatelle is a good space saver because it's played from one end only.

There are two main forms of the game - the original slate bed tables - 8 or 10 feet long, as pictured to the left. These are similar in quality and structure to Snooker and Billiard tables. Then there are the old Victorian folding style boards as pictured to the right. These are generally much smaller but range from 4 - 9 feet when open. Regrettably, we cannot find any manufacturer that still makes these games although Thurston produced free-standing tables until the 1990s. Masters Traditional Games occasionally reconditions old Victorian Folding Boards. Click on the picture for more information.

Old English Bagatelle Rules

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Old English Bagatelle Rules History

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The official Old English Bagatelle Rules are predominently observed in England.

How to Play Old English Bagatelle

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  • Published: 7/16/2008 11:02:00 PM
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Old English Bagatelle Rules

The Old English Bagatelle Rules article belongs to the Obstacle Billiards Rules category. Obstacle billiards is a class of billiard games that are played with various obstacles on the table.

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