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Northern Bagatelle Rules

The game played on what will be referred to as the 'Northern Bagatelle table' is most popular in and around Chester. A table measures 8 feet x 2 feet, 9 inches and is without pockets. There are eight white balls and one black ball (sometimes there are 4 reds & 4 whites but both colors are treated identically so this has no effect on the game). This game is the direct ancestor of old English Bagatelle described above.

To begin, the black ball is placed on the middle spot. Each turn is called a "stick" and consists of a player playing all eight balls down the table towards the cups. The cue ball must be played from the spot near the front of the table.

  1. If the black ball is on the table, then the cue ball must strike the black ball and it must strike it first before entering a cup or striking another ball.
  2. Once the black ball is potted, each cue ball must strike another white ball before
  3. If there are no un-potted balls on the table, then the cue ball must strike a cushion.

If a ball does not adhere to the above, there is no score for that stroke and the cue ball is removed from the table for the remainder of the turn. If the black ball is up and the cue ball fails to hit it first, any balls that are knocked into a cup as a result of the stroke are also removed for the remainder of the turn.

The black ball counts double points, when cupped.

Being a pub game, Bagatelle is usually played by two teams of perhaps eight players. Each player would typically play two sticks and the scores from both are added to the team score. The team with the highest score wins the day and buys the drinks.

Northern Bagatelle Rules

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Northern Bagatelle Rules History

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The official Northern Bagatelle Rules are predominently observed in England, Especially Chester.

How to Play Northern Bagatelle

  • Title: Northern Bagatelle Rules
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  • Published: 7/16/2008 10:37:00 PM
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Northern Bagatelle Rules

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