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King Ball Billiard Rules

Here are the rules for a new billiard game called king ball.

Rules of King Ball Pool

King Ball is a 2 player game.

The pool table is divided by an imaginary line between both of the middle pockets, making two "territories".

One player gets all the striped balls and the cue ball, while the other player gets all the solid balls and the 8 ball. The cue ball and 8 ball are called the "king" balls.

The player with stripes will arrange their balls anyway they want on their territory. Next the player with solids will do the same in their territory.

Starting with the player who has stripes, each player goes back and forth taking one shot hitting any ball on their own territory trying to capture the opponent's king ball onto their own territory. When you capture the opponent's "king ball" they get one last shot to get it back to their territory. If they get it back, then the game goes on. If they fail to get it back, they lose the game.

  • Every ball, other than a king ball, that lands in a pocket stays down.
  • If a king lands in a pocket, it goes back to its original side and that player may place it anywhere on his/her own territory.
  • When you capture the opponent's king ball, they can use their last shot to capture your king ball. Then both players get their king back and place them anywhere on their territory.

Here is the original image of the rules as written by the creator of the King Ball pool game.

King Ball Pool Rules

These King Ball Billiards rules are Copyright 2015 by Brandon Edwards.

King Ball Billiard Rules

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King Ball Billiard Rules History

I had been playing this game I invented called King Ball Billiards in my local pool hall quiote often then one day I decided to show it to one of the owners. He said it has potential and he helped me set up an event to bring anyone I can in to play it. He was nice enough to put a King Ball flyer up on the wall and I invited all my friends. After the event, I asked everyone their thoughts on the game and I was actually surprised that I only heard great replies.

The official King Ball Billiard Rules are predominently observed in Oregon, USA.

How to Play King Ball Billiard

  • Title: King Ball Billiard Rules
  • Author: (Brandon Edwards)
  • Published: 4/10/2015 1:28:25 AM
  • Source: Submitted by a Billiards Forum Member

King Ball Billiard Rules

The King Ball Billiard Rules article belongs to the Pocket Billiards Rules category. Pocket billiards is a class of cue sport game commonly referred to as pool.

King Ball Billiard Rules Comments

  1. ZekeZeke from Northern, VT on 4/10/2015 6:53:24 AM

    Cynic that I am, this looks actually looks like something worthy of further evaluation! I can think of no other pool game that is truly new - not simply a variation of an existing one. This could be it.

  2. BrandonEBrandonE from OR, United States on 4/10/2015 3:10:37 PM

    I truly appreciate it! There is more strategy to King Ball than people tend to think.

  3. ZekeZeke from Northern, VT on 4/10/2015 7:10:38 PM

    How might you capitalize on your invention? If you control the sanctioning and league records - you have a shot. Hell, most of the sanctioning organizations out there are on the verge of bankruptcy. What do I know...

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