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H-O-R-S-E CRUD Rules accompany a popular and simple variation of the game of Crud billiards. H-O-R-S-E CRUD Rules are similar to the rules of H-O-R-S-E basketball. This variation there builds on the regular CRUD Billiard Rules. Please refer to them for the full rule set.

Each card player begins the game with five lives. Each of those five lives are represented by one of the letters of the word horse. Play is executed with all shots being released from the end of the table which is opposite the object Ball.

The shooter has three tries to get the object Ball as in regular Crud billiards and if the ball is not tapped the shooter gets a letter. The letter received the next letter in the sequence of the word H-O-R-S-E for that player. Additionally in the shooting player releases the object Ball from the incorrect end of the table, a letter is assessed. If the shooter successfully pockets the ball, the shooter who is typically next in order receives the letter. If the object Ball is pocketed directly from a serve, no players receive a letter. The situation is called TNA, and may only be performed by the shooter twice in a row. On the third TNA, the shooter is assessed a letter.

As in regular Crud billiards, the defender of the served ball is called the server. The ball is rolled horizontally by the server from the shooter to the other side of the table. The ball must be rolled by the server on the opposite end of the table between the first and third diamond. If a serve is missed three times in a row the server is assessed a letter.

H-O-R-S-E CRUD Rules does not apply the "no six" rule, as the player is allowed to stop the object Ball bed if possible. This action results in a letter for the next player. Additionally, is of the double kiss rule, there is a double tap rule which effectively reverses the order of play. Any shooter performing a double tap does not play again. The player who was in order before that player must now play. This new order persists after play stops.

Finally, in H-O-R-S-E CRUD Rules, walking the table is strictly prohibited. The shooter must have a least 1 foot on the ground when shooting and there may or may not be a referee present. The player to gain the last letter becomes the shooter, and the game-winner becomes the shooter of the next game. This game-winner has the choice of whether to start the game in regular order or in reverse order.


If you have any questions about HORSE CRUD Rules, please post them in the pool rules forum.

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HORSE CRUD Rules History

For the history of the game of CRUD, please see the regular CRUD rules page.

The official HORSE CRUD Rules are predominently observed in Canada.

The official governing body for HORSE CRUD Rules is the American CRUD Players Association (ACPA).

How to Play HORSE CRUD

  • Title: HORSE CRUD Rules
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  • Published: 4/10/2008 7:08:00 AM
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The HORSE CRUD Rules article belongs to the Cueless Billiard Game Rules category. Cueless billiards is a newly developing form of billiards where no cue sticks are used to move the balls around the table.

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