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BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules

The World Pool Billiard Association recognizes the ISMWSF, the International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation, as the governing body for all international competitions in Wheelchair Billiards. The following are ISMWSF Billiards Wheelchair Rules which supplement the World Pool Association's regular game rules.

BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules

Cue sports have three classifications for players competing in wheelchairs, each of which follows the ISMWSF Billiard Wheelchair Rules. The three classes are defined as follows:

  1. The first class is for players with arm or hand disabilities who are unable to form or sustain a functional hand bridge while taking a shot at the table.
  2. The second group is for billiard players who can form and sustain a functional hand bridge while taking a shot at the table, but who can not maintain balance and stability resulting from trunk muscles which are not fully functional. Players in this group support themselves at the table with their bridge hand and arm.
  3. The third class is for players with adequate to normal balance who meet the criteria for minimal disability.

The ISMWSF has developed the following guideline for determining whether or not a player has the minimal required disability. A minimal disability is "a significant disability that prevents a player from standing up."

There are several Billiard Wheelchair Rules which are specific to wheelchair players that apply in addition to a given game's published rules.

  1. When playing or executing a shot, players must remain seated on the cushion or seat of the wheelchair.
  2. The player's feet must not touch the floor. If either the feet or footplates of the wheelchair come in contact with the floor at any time, a foul will be assessed.
  3. For players in Class One, the Referee shall be available to assist with equipment, rest, and other non-shot tasks.
  4. Players may use strapping below the knee for purposes of keeping the feet on the chair's footplates. No strapping is allowed for use above the knee except for cases in which medical reasons dictate. The use of above-knee strapping will be taken in to account for purposes of classification.

For full billiard wheelchair rules and for more information on billiard wheelchair sport and play, visit the ISMWSF web site.

BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules

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BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules History

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The official BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules are predominently observed in International.

The official governing body for BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules is the International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation.

How to Play BCA Billiard Wheelchair

  • Title: BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules
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  • Published: 4/2/2008 6:58:01 AM
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BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules

The BCA Billiard Wheelchair Rules article belongs to the Miscellaneous Billiard Game Rules category. The miscellaneous billiards class of cue sport games includes games that are not technically members of the traditional five classes of billiard games.

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