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Bank Pool Ring Game Rules

Compleat Gamester, Inc. holds bank pool ring games once a month among 6 players and these are the rules used.

All of the players are fairly evenly matched.

The Rules are here in case you would like to try setting one of these bank pool ring game matches up with you friends.

The Format

The Game is a 9 Ball Banks ring game. It is racked in a triangle like 9-Ball with the one ball in front. All other balls are in random order. All shots must be either a bank or a three cushion or more kick shot. Shots must be called. Players shoot in a drawn order, one after the other until all players have been to the table. The shooting order is then repeated.

Player Order

Player order is established by a random draw. Players play in that order of the draw, Player's must be seated when it is not their turn at the table.

Length of Play

The #1 Player starts the game with the break and if a ball is made on the break may then attempt a bank shot at any ball. The player's inning is over when he fails to make a bank, successful three cushion kick shot or fouls. Any balls made on the break will be re-spotted at the end of the breakers inning.


Each player will receive 30 poker chips which will represent his $30 entry fee. Each time a player makes a successful bank he will receive from each of the other players the amount of poker chips that equals the number of banks he made times the value of the game.

  • Rack 1 - Successful bank is worth 1 chip from each player
  • Rack 2 - Successful bank is worth 1 chip from each player
  • Rack 3 - Successful bank is worth 2 chips from each player
  • Rack 4 - Successful bank is worth 3 chips from each player
  • Rack 5 - Successful bank is worth 4 chips from each player
  • Rack 6 - Successful bank is worth 5 chips from each player
  • Rack 7 - is All In. The stakes are what you have for chips if you make a bank

If a winner has not been decided at 2 hours and 15 minutes into the match, play will switch to an All-IN format at the conclusion of the current rack. Stakes will be worth what you have left in chips. The intent is to finish the ring game in approximately 2.5 hours.

When a player has less chips then the amount of the game and makes a bank, He can only collect an amount equal to the chips he holds. As an example, in game 5 the stakes are four chips per bank, if the player only has 2 chips and makes a successful bank, he can only collect 2 chips from each player. If he then makes a second bank, he would then have enough chips to collect 4 chips from each player for that bank. The total for his two banks would be 6 chips from each player.

When a player is out of poker chips, he is out of the game.

You can increment the racks higher and avoid the all in format, but the All in format does add a little luck into the match. With the All in format, the important thing is to survive long enough to make it to the All in portion of the match. Then be the first one to make a bank or two. The one to do that is likely to become the winner.

The winner of the matches we have held has always been the first to make a bank in the All in.


All scratches are "Ball in Hand behind the head string". All balls pocketed on a scratch (or knocked off the table) are spotted on the foot spot. If all balls are behind the head string the one closest to the head string will be spotted of the foot spot. The only penalty for a scratch or foul is the loss of your inning. Unlike regular bank pool there are no balls owed.


No Push outs are allowed. The game is a Total Offense game and an attempt must be made to make a bank or three cushion kick shot. Intentional safeties by a player can be called by the Referee and can result in a foul being called. In the case of a foul for an "Intentional Safety" the incoming player has the choice of taking the shot as it lies or taking ball in hand behind the head string.

Legal Shots

This is bank pool. The cue ball must bank a ball and the banked ball must not contact any other ball on its way to the pocket. All shots must be called. Unlike regular bank pool a kick shot is legal as long as it is three cushions or more. If a ball is hanging in the pocket and you can kick three cushions and kick the ball in, the shot counts the same as a bank shot. A kick bank is allowed if you kick an object ball into a rail and then it rebounds to a called pocket. Kicking a ball directly into a pocket is not allowed.

Banking cross corner, you do not need to call the incidental contact the ball may have with the end rail on the way to the pocket. The same holds true for the long banks to the corner pocket.

Three Cushion Kick

A three cushion kick shot counts the same as a bank in the ring game. It must be a true three cushion shot and not a two cushion shot that gets the third rail by touching the third rail just before it hits the ball that is at the pocket.

You do not need to call the incidental contact the ball may have with the end rail on the way to the pocket. This rule moves the game along, when the remaining balls on the table are hanging in the pockets from previous missed banks.

Ball in Hand

Ball in hand is always behind the head string. When all remaining balls are behind the head string the one closest to the head string is moved to the break spot.

The Break

The one ball must be contacted first on the break and four object balls must contact a rail to be a legal break. In the event of a failure to make a legal break the balls are re-racked and the incoming player has the choice of taking the break or allowing the previous player to break again. In the case of a miscue where the cue ball is struck but does not strike the rack, or strikes the rack and does not send four balls to the rail, or when the breaker interferes with the cue ball after striking the cue ball, a foul occurs. The balls are re-racked and the option to break goes to the incoming player. If the breaker touches the cue ball with the tip of the cue causing the cue ball to move beyond the head string line, it is considered a foul and the incoming player has the choice as to taking the break or allowing the breaker to shoot again.

Shooting out of Turn

When a player inadvertently shoots out of turn, the balls should be returned to their original position if at all possible and the positions are agreeable by a consensus of the players. Play continues with the proper order. In the instance where a fair and agreeable solution cannot be determined, the game can be restarted from the break with the skipped player starting the game from the break. All efforts should be made to find an agreeable solution to all the players so the game can be continued in its original state. The impact of the error on the subsequent players should be considered so that no advantage is given to one player over another and so that the decision could Impact the final outcome of the match.

Disturbing an Object Ball

Accidental movement of an object ball by a shooter is not considered a foul. The player following the shooter will decide if the ball is to be returned to it's original position or stays in it's new location.

Bank Pool Ring Game Rules

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Bank Pool Ring Game Rules History

These bank pool ring game rules were created by "Compleat Gamester, Inc." in Waltham, MA.

Compleat Gamester, Inc.
Waltham, MA

The official Bank Pool Ring Game Rules are predominently observed in North America.

How to Play Bank Pool Ring Game

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Bank Pool Ring Game Rules

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In cue sports, a ring game is a game of pool played with more than 2 players and which follow a special set of modified rules.

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