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9 Ball Ring Game Rules

These general 9 ball ring game rules were created by Sunset Billiards Salina, KS. Other variations exist.

General Rules for 9-ball "Ring Game" Tournament

  • Table assignment for each round will be drawn, as well as position of rotation.
  • Redraw of table assignment occurs every hour. (play 50 minutes with 10 minute break)
  • Each player will start out with same amount in chips. Unless otherwise stated for women or early entry.
  • There will be no stalling – game must stay continuous
  • There is not any first foul "ball in hand", (see 2 shot foul rule below) unless there are only 2 players at the table. If there are only 2 players at the table, regular "ball in hand" rules apply.
  • A "2 shot foul" rule applies: If a player fouls, it will not be "ball in hand". The incoming player has the option to except the shot, or have the player that fouled shoot again. If the players shoots again and fouls a second consecutive time, it now becomes "ball in hand" for the incoming player. However, if you allow a player to shot again and they legally make a ball and continue to run more balls, you will have to pay double on any money balls that he legally makes. The paying double will continue until the player finally misses or fouls. This could include multiple racks.
  • Play continues till one person is left, or at the end of the last round, the places will be determined by who has the most value of chips. If there is a tie, there will be a playoff of 3 games, again same format and both the 5-ball and the 9-ball will count for points.
  • If the 9-ball is made legally and early, the game is over, no re-spots, rack again and continue play. There will be no re-spots on the 5-ball either.
  • This is a "On Your Honor" ring game. There will be not be any safeties allowed; you must go for every shot. The exception to this is when there are only 2 players, then regular ball in hand rules apply.
  • There will not be any "giving away" of chips to other players.
  • If a player makes the ball before a money ball and scratches, that ball will be spotted.
  • If the lowest number ball is behind the head string after a scratch, that ball will be spotted and the cue ball is placed behind the head string.
  • Players are eliminated when they are out of chips.
9 Ball Ring Game Points
  • First Round: 5 ball = 1 point, 9 ball = 2 points, 2 to 3 o'clock
  • Second Round: 5 ball = 2 points, 9 ball = 4 points, 3 to 4 o'clock
  • Third Round: 5 ball = 5 points, 9 ball = 10 points, 4 to 5 o'clock
  • Fourth Round: 5 ball = 10 points, 9 ball = 20 points, 5 to 6 o'clock
  • Fifth Round: 5 ball = 20 points, 9 ball = 40 points, 6 to 7 o'clock
  • Sixth Round: 5 ball = 40 points, 9 ball = 80 points, 7 to 8 o'clock

9 Ball Ring Game Rules

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9 Ball Ring Game Rules History

These 9 ball ring game tournament rules where developed by Sunset Billiards in Salina, KS.

Sunset Billiards
1215 W. Crawford
Salina, KS 67401
(785) 826-9992

The official 9 Ball Ring Game Rules are predominently observed in Salina, KS.

How to Play 9 Ball Ring Game

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9 Ball Ring Game Rules

The 9 Ball Ring Game Rules article belongs to the Billiards Ring Game Rules category.

In cue sports, a ring game is a game of pool played with more than 2 players and which follow a special set of modified rules.

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