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Pool Cue Misses the Cue Ball Altogether

Pool Cue Misses the Cue Ball Altogether

My boyfriend and I were playing pool tonight. I am a real beginner. When I went to take a shot my stick missed the cue ball. My boyfriend said I had taken my shot, even though I missed the cue ball. I can't find that rule anywhere. He said it is such a basic rule that it isn't even written in the rules. Help?

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Pool Cue Misses the Cue Ball Altogether

Replies & Comments

  1. DeDeFenwick on 2/27/2010 8:43:55 PM

    He's wrong. Get a new boy, man friend!

  2. DeDequickshot on 2/27/2010 9:32:38 PM

    When you say you missed did you miss completely without even ticking the cue ball in any way. If you did then your boy friend is wrong and he is trying to cheat you of a shot. If you touched the cue ball in any way then you lose your shot as it would be a foul.

    If you are going to play with him, you better learn the rules.

  3. DeDeDeDe on 2/28/2010 9:14:30 AM

    Thank you. I didn't touch the cue ball in any way. I knew I should have been able to take that shot!

  4. DeDeallanpsand on 4/15/2013 11:40:06 AM

    Your boy friend might have other qualities that make him worthwhile keeping, but as a pool player he is a bar banger.

    If you like pool, join a local league team, which gives you a weekly night of entertainment with players who also like playing - but who also know the rules.

    If he has any sense, he'll join you and also become a more knowledgeable player.

    Keep in mind - pool is something you will play for your entire lifetime. The sooner you pick up on the basics, the more fun it will be.

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Pool Cue Misses the Cue Ball Altogether

  • Title: Pool Cue Misses the Cue Ball Altogether
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/27/2010 7:38:00 PM