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Inning Versus Frame in Billiards?

Inning Versus Frame in Billiards?

In your rules and other articles, you refer to both innings and frames. What is the difference?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Inning Versus Frame in Billiards?

Replies & Comments

  1. breakballsjana on 5/29/2006 11:16:56 AM

    Same thing.

  2. breakballsbilliardsforum on 5/29/2006 11:20:30 AM

    Exactly. Have a look at both inning and frame in our billiard terms glossary, and you will see that they are basically the same thing.

  3. breakballskyle on 3/8/2007 5:04:03 PM

    I've always understood frame as one game in a match or set, an inning is one turn at the table for each player.

  4. breakballsbilliardsforum on 3/10/2007 11:36:34 AM

    I think you are correct on your distinction between innings and frames. I've updated the glossary accordingly.

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Inning Versus Frame in Billiards?

  • Title: Inning Versus Frame in Billiards?
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/29/2006 11:13:02 AM